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July 29th, 2007 | 6:57 pm
I ordered the Lily book because Basset Rescue of Alabama let us know that a percentage of sales for that particular month would go to them. I went online and saw the book and I was astounded. Not only was the book charming and touching, its star, Lily, was a twin of my rescued senior basset, Lilly. When the book arrived I couldn't’t wait to read it. It is just the sweetest book I ever saw. The art is fabulous and the story is very touching. This book is definitely one of my favorites!

July 29th, 2007 | 8:18 pm
Cat, I sent you an E Mail, The Lily book is the best, My grandchildren and I love it, Thank you so much for writing it. The Lily book is a blessing as was Lily. Ken

Dear cat , I just wanted to let you know how much the Lily book has meant to my grandchildren and Me, They have read it so much that they know it by heart. It is such a joy to hear them, They love Bassets and the littlest one loves to give them a kiss which is returned ten fold.
Thank you for writing such a wonderful book , It is loved by both Children and Adults. I would recommend it highly to anyone of any age, it is a book of love and you can’t beat that.
Ken Johnson ,Melbourne , Florida.


July 29th, 2007 | 8:49 pm
Hi! I do not have a Lily book but I just bought one! I was on Wikipedia tonight and saw all of the basset hound rescues that linked to

I want a rescue basset and I live in IL. Thank you so much for the rescue info. I will leave a comment on the book soon. I want to name my hound Cee Cee, after me, Jaycee!

P.S. I was going to buy a hound but now I want to rescue one.
Thank you for your Wikipedia info.

July 29th, 2007 | 9:03 pm
I just read the Lily book again. I have read it quite a few times, by myself and to my grandchildren. It is such a sweet book full of inspiration and hope. That is one reason I wanted to send a copy to the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you again for donating a copy in your name also. I am sure it is being enjoyed by many children and giving them hope. The art and graphics are unbelievable. Cat, you are a champion in the world of Basset rescue. Thank you for all you do.

July 30th, 2007 | 9:28 am
The lily book is a wonderful story of how you found lily wondering the streets i think is is a great and shows how much you loved lily.

Your friends: Calamity Jane and Thomas Dembinski


August 1st, 2007 | 6:41 am
Your book is wonderful!!! Can’t say enough great things about it.

Karen and the Georgia gang


August 2nd, 2007 | 8:13 pm
We have read Lily’s book about a hundred times. It’s the best basset book in our house. My dad keeps one copy at his office in Beverly Hills and everybody asks if the book is about us. We hope that somebody writes such a great book about us someday.

Thanks for everything you do for all us bassets.


Basset Rescue Network, Inc
at Daphneyland
Basset Rescue Ranch in Acton
Specializing in Senior and Special needs
A 501c3 organization

We DID get the package, and the books are WONDERFUL!!! Thank you so much for donating them and the monetary donation as well.We didn't open it til this last weekend (its been a bit insane around here) but finally got the time to sit down and start cataloging items for the program, and just fell in LOVE with not only the book, but the wonderful cards as well as the "Fanny Club" - ROFL. What a great
and imaginative promo, loved it!!


Basset Rescue Network, Inc
at Daphneyland
Basset Rescue Ranch in Acton
Specializing in Senior and Special needs
A 501c3 organization

Thank you so very much for Lilly's Book. There is nothing in this world like the love and everyday joy of a Basset Hound. I was looking thru the Bugler when the picture of Lilly and then the wording A Basset Hounds tale of love caught my attention. I wanted a copy of the book as the caption and Lilly's white face stole my heart. I love the white faced ones so much. I promise each and everyone love and a forever home here with me at the ranch and if by chance someone comes along that wants the love of an older dog, we share their joy
of a family to call their very own. I had no idea that the book would be about Lilly being without her very own family and on the streets looking for someone to love her. The emotions it brought on, knowing that each and every boy and girl we rescue has a very similar story. The book is beautifully done through a Basset's eyes and heart.




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