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Rainbow Bridge Chaps and Emma Sympathy Card
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Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and time of need lovers...I hope this card brings some kind of small joy to the person receiving it.  After a beloved hound waddles over the rainbow bridge it is so hard to find the words or the right small gift to tell that someone we care. 

This is a card I designed back in 2006 as a part of the Lily Greeting Card Collection.  I adore this picture.  

I wanted to create something heartfelt to share with others so I found the wings which are so pretty.  These wings are a metal pin and they shimmer.  

The wings can be removed and worn or placed on a picture of the dearly departed hound.  Chaps and Emma would not mind in the least.  

I have spent my fair share of time trying to find that right little gift that shows howl much I care that my friend has lost a friend.  It is hard and I want to make this a bit easier for everyone.  

As you can see, I have also written a poem that I can include if you wish.  

I can mail this card for you if you wish.  

Please add your wishes in the area that paypal provides or e-mail me:

International buyers please play double.  


I am so sorry to those who are grieving... 




Howllo my dear friend we will lead the way.  Chaps and Emma are your guides this day. 


Your path is clear, follow us dear, it's over the

rainbow, the bridge, right over here.


We will teach and adore you along the way.  This place of kindness is where you will stay.


Your wings are waiting, you had them all the time.  Now you can fly and rest your head on a cloud right next to mine.


Wrapped in rainbows you can watch from above, the souls that cherish you with devotion and love.


The rainbow bridge is splashed with colors of peace and calm.  The smells are sweet as we waddle along.


A place of magic, this you will find, you will wait for your loved ones.... all in good time.


Soul mates come with four paws and long ears.


Written by

Cat L. Rudert




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