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10 PACK Lily Greeting Card Collection
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Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Greeting Card Lovers...

May I present, for your consideration -  Impressive quality - heavy card stock.  

These blank greeting cards each come with an envelop and are tucked inside of a larger envelop with the bassethoundtown crest.  

You cannot find cards of this quality for this price anymore.  Just go to the card section in most stores and the price of cards has skyrocketed.  

I picked the design for these cards all from the Lily Book.  They are designed to sell together.  Please consider adding a Lily Book to your order.  Be the belle of the baby shower when your gift is open!  

If you purchase both I will add a gift bag with paw print tissue paper and an extra card to address to the receiver of the gift.  

Shopping local has it's rewards!!!

This is:   The 10 Pack - Lily Greeting Card Collection.  A blast of creative explosion and color, shipped for 25.00 USA only.  International orders are charged double. owns all copyrights with trademark pending.  




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