Burger Boy aka CH Ralph Lauren, Chaps

July 15th, 2008 - 1:01 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and nick name lovers: How do we come up with nick names? These are the kind of thoughts that enter my head as I eat my massive ice cream cone. I had to run out and buy ice cream after I saw a segment on the Today Show about Graeter’s Ice Cream. It is 1 minute from my house. I thought ice cream would calm my nerves. Remember, Chaps is getting his teeth cleaned tomorrow. ( I know, I’m using him as an excuse).

Please do not drool on the key board over this scoop of black raspberry chip!!! Oprah also has said that Graeter’s Butter Pecan is one of her, “favorite things”, but I digress. We were talking about nick names.

Chaps is a Champion Basset Hound that has won many, many ribbons. He hails from the lone star state and he certainly is a testament to the phrase that all things are bigger in Texas! Many times breeders will have a theme to a litter and Chaps came from a perfume theme. Chaps was a name of a Ralph Lauren Cologne in the 70s. One of his sisters is called Diamonds and Rubies.

Anyway, from the first time I laid eyes on him I called him my big boy. There is a chain of resturants called Big Boy.

Their signature item is a big boy burger. And dear readers, a nick name was born. Burger Boy! He is also big, has a red coat, and lots of drool, aka juicy! So some times I call him my big, red, juicy burger boy! Now your life is complete. The burning question of why I call him burger boy is answered. You can sleep well tonight.

Don’t forget to send him good thoughts tomorrow. I will be very nervous until he is back home. I better go get another ice cream cone, and then swing by Big Boy. It seems to help!

More junk food later…..Cat, Burger Boy, and Emma aka lil’ short cake (I’ll tell ya about that some time)


  1. kipandgus
    July 15th, 2008 | 9:11 pm

    Gus and Bonnie are working up a lot of Drool to send the Mayors way. Good luck Chappers!!!
    Big Hugs and tons of Drool,
    Kip, Gus and Bonnie

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