Gold Rush Trading Post and Firstgiving Page for the HOP



Starting with the first day of spring and running like the cold mountain streams until the end of Fall, Devon and I are announcing our first ever:


Thar’s gold in them thar jewelery boxes!

Send your old gold or precious stones to:

Chaps W. Rudert, Mayor


P.O. BOX 347

FT. THOMAS, KY 41075




10-10-08 – Jenny, Miss Kitty, Abby and Diva Angel Penny sent in their stash over a week ago. I had to close the trading post for a bit due to our Emma’s surgery, but it was back open today and I galloped off to the Jewelry store to get some loot! Yee Haw!

Here is what Jenny and her kids donated and the HopPers cannot thank you enough. Times are ruff and it is folks like this that keep the wagon wheels turning at the HOP!

Here is what the 10K and 14K haul brought in: 186.90!!!!!!!!!

Here are the stones that were extracted from the bracelets. The large citrine Jen sent loose. I am going to use all of the loose stones in different ways to make more money for the HOP. I have some really cute ideas and I will have some of the new items listed in the HOP boutique section very shortly for your holiday shopping pleasure. Please feel free to browse around anytime. We are open 24/7!


Here is a link to the Gold Rush Firstgiving page is you want to see all of the bassetabulous donations!


More fun later…….Cat, Chaps and Emma

9-25-08 – Devon Leigh Smith sent in a 14K gold band, 14K gold ring with 21 point diamond worth 94.00. She also sent in a fun costume piece that will be up for grabs in the HOP boutique this Holiday season.

9-25-08 – Virginia Oliveira sent 14K gold that was worth 83.00. The items that were not gold are going to be used in some fashion. I am very creative and plan on making money for the HOP anyway I can!

9-25-08Fleur, Monty and Helen sent a charm, and 2 chains worth 35.00. I will be loading other costume items into the HOP boutique soon! FYI – perfect for a secret Santa gift!

8-24-08 – TOM FROM WI

Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Rush Lovers: I took Tom from WI’s ring in today! It brought in a whopping 70.00 dollars!

That is just totally goldtastic for the golden oldies of the House of Puddles!

Do you want to take a look at the our Firstgiving page? CLICK HERE!

Chaps loves the smell of gold in the morning!

Tom if you are reading this I would love to send you a free gift from the Devon and Cat gift center! You can click on the Firstgiving link and see the 2 items. One is a Devon’s dream necklace and the other gift is a 10 pack of Lily greeting cards.

We love our Firstgivers and we prove it! LOL

OK folks, the Gold Rush will be officially over on August the 31st. I will be changing the theme of the Firstgiving page.

Stay tuned for the next fun filled event!

More fun later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

P.S. I will never turn away gold. Don’t worry! Cat


Our friends, Mary, Harley, Biggs, Leo (the foster no longer!!) and the Kitties too of the Tipping Family and of TriState Basset Hound Rescue sent us a pan of gold for the House of Puddles! What a fantastic pan and we are Tipping our gold miner’s hats to you Mary!

The choker chain was 18K and the loop earrings and gold band were 14K. This pan of gold brought in 49.00 dollars. Wow! I am just thrilled and I know Marilyn and Mary will be as well. Here is the link to the HOP Gold Rush Firstgiving page so you can see this donation and others. Read all of the update and most of all….Please check your jewelery boxes!


Thank you Mary. We love you!

More Gold and Love Later….Cat, Chaps and Emma


Howllo Fellow Hound and Golden Day Lovers: Basset hound town has received another package of gold from:
Beverly Burkholder of AZ Basset Hound Rescue!
Our new friend Beverly loves the Seniors and dug deep into her jewelry box.
Look at the haul!!!

Well, we just got back from the jewelery store and the 14K gold in this grouping brought in 60.00! We are thrilled beyond words! This is just golden!


Three of the items which were not gold are currently in the HOP boutique for sale. 100% of each sale will go to the House of Puddles.

When you buy an item in the HOP boutique on my website you are adding the items to the HOP PayPal account. I never see one cent! Just like I like it! hehehehe!

So…. Here are the links to the items from this grouping that were not gold. Shopping never felt soooo goood!




Beverly, thank you so much! Your donation will keep giving. The items are slobberific and bassetabulous. We cannot thank you enough!

More gold later….HOPEFULLY! Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

6-17-08 – Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Rush lovers: I FINALLY have the gold rush totals for this totally pawsome package that Marty Clark sent to me for the gold rush. Marty is a BROOD volunteer. Please check out Brood’s website at:


Marty, your items were so bassetabulous and get this!
They were worth 115.00
! Some of the items were not gold so I donated them to the breast cancer costume jewelery box at the jewelry store I go to.


These are the items that Marty donated. Most of the gold was 18K which brings in more doe! Yipeeeeeeeeeeeee! Also, as you can see, there is a chain at the very bottom that was 14K.




This was a wonderful donation from a Brood volunteer. These items were 18K and help out the House of Puddles in a huge way!

That cool pink pin was broken but the gold was 18K. I had them pop out the center piece and I want to use it in the future for something! I think it looks like Marilyn! What do you think?



The other items were costume but hey, I beg for these pieces because you just never know!

These three pieces were donated to the breast cancer awareness box. Many of our regional jewelry stores have them and they fix the pieces and donate them to women who are going through chemo. It helps to have a pretty piece like one of these to ease the pain. I love that idea!

Thank you Marty, your donation will be sent to the HOP and 100% will go to the elder hounds. Basset hound town loves you for this and I know HOP does as well.

Please remember, you do not need to donate gold to give to the HOP Gold Rush! You can simply go to Firstgiving and give! Here is the link!

Firstgiving page for the Gold Rush!

More good news later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

5-31-08 – Record Breaking Gold Rush Donation just in from Annika Francis:
Howllo Fellow Hound and record breaking lovers! Breaking news just in! I received a package in the mail today from Annika of Oak Hill VA. This is her hound Murphy! He is so excited about the gold rush!


These packages are always so much fun to open and drool over! The total for the gold that I turned in from Annika is….Drum roll please:




OMG, OMG, OMG! This is not it folks, I am selling items in the HOP boutique sent from Annika that could raise over $200.00 or more!


As you can see, it is quite the bounty! Gold was down a little bit today, but my jeweler gave me the going rate from last week since this was all going to charity! Thanks Renee and Vince of Ft. Thomas Jewelers!

Within this bounty is a platinum ring with 2 large pink sapphires. This item alone brought in a whopping $244.80 dollars!

The middle stone was missing and reported as such by Annika. Folks, my jeweler’s jaw dropped when I pulled this out of the bag for him to price. He said, “My goodness, basset hound people are so generous!” Annika, we cannot thank you enough. I had my jeweler remove the pink sapphires and I will add them to the container charm I am working on for the end of gold rush auction.

Yes folks, for those of you with an eagle eye, that is a basset hound 14K gold charm. Of course Annika did not send this golden hound to be scrapped, that would be sacrilegious! This golden hound is in the HOP gift shop.


Annika’s donation has now reached 476.90!

Check this out. (THIS IS JUST A COMPARISON LINK!) It is the same basset hound charm that Annika donated!

I found the exact same charm on the internet and it goes for 186.35!
Here is the link to the HOP boutique on my site if you wish to purchase it.

We are offering it for the low, low price of 95.00.
This includes a free 10 pack of
basset hound town greeting cards, a 20.00 value.

100% of the sale will go to the HOP. When you purchase this charm on my site the money will go directly to HOP. Marilyn will e-mail me and I will mail you the charm and the greeting cards.


Moving right along, Annika sent another charm that was toooooo cute to scrap. It is a small 14K gold teddy bear! It is adorable. It is hollow. The detail is fantastic and the fun factor is off the charts!


Look at this little buddy! How cute is this? Folks, I cannot find anything this cute on the internet. Anything remotely similar is about 140.00. This is a dandy item! Look, the Teddy has a bow tie on! How cute! None of the charms are near this size or in this 3D detail. It is hollow, but it is big and in perfect shape. I am going to sell it for the same price as the basset charm and offer the basset hound town greeting card package. Here is the link:



We also have these 4 charms (2 of each) in the HOP boutique. I just love them. Where there is gold on the charm, it is 14K. The charms are cloisonne balls and cubic zirconia hearts. I just love them. (did I already say that?) LOL! Here is the link to their page in the HOP boutique.

LINK TO PAWSOME CHARMS! (still working, looking for pricing)

What a wonderful way to end the week! This donation is just pawsome and it will keep on giving! Please shop HOP on my website! It is the perfect way to donate your money. 100% goes to HOP paypal. It is my honor and pleasure to help out in this fashion.

You keep giving and I will keep HopPing to the jewelery store!

More HopPing Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

5-27-08 – As promised I am updating the Gold Rush Trading Post with amounts from Kacy and Sharyn.

On 5-20-08 I posted that I received two packages. You can see the original post right below this one.

The first package was from Kacy and Cowboy of San Diego, CA. They are right in the heart of gold rush country. This picture is of the grouping!

This is our Cowboy!



The items were hauled into the weighing area and a grand total of 22.00 was handed over! Yeehaw! kacycowboy3.jpg


The small charm was plated but the opal was real and I am using it in a charm I am designing. The ring was plated but the topaz was real and again, I am using it in a charm that I will sell for the HOP.

The necklace was 10K with 20 one point diamonds. That was worth 22.00! The chain was gold colored metal.

Hey folks, send me any and everything! I want it all. Every penny counts when old hounds are concerned!

Now for the second package from Sharyn of Lancaster, PA!

This is Sharyn’s second gold package for HOP! She found some more gold in her covered wagon and sent it on down the doggie trail!

Check out these three gold charms. The wishbone and lightening bolt were 10K. The small flower charm was 14K.

This is the grouping that Sharyn sent. The 14K swirl pin with pearls on the left is going into the HOP boutique. The pin next to it was 10K. The two tack pins were not gold. The heart pin was 14K. The charms on the bottom row are listed above.

Sharyn’s haul brought in 33.10 for the HOP, not counting the 14K swirl pin with pearls on the extreme left that my jeweler thinks should fetch 30.00 dollars! It really is nice folks. Very dainty and very nice! Here is the Link to the HOP boutique and the,


Currently, the total that these two packages brought in is: 65.10!

Remember, this does not count Sharyn’s 14K antique swirl pin with pearl! It is stunning! I am loading it into the HOP boutique for 30.00! A steal!

More Gold News Later….Cat, Chaps and Emma
5-20-08 – Original post

Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Lovers! I went to my PO Box today and received two more packages. One is from Sharyn, (her second package), and other is from Cowboy and Kacy! I cannot wait to photograph everything tonight and get to the jewelry store ASAP.

I just want everyone to know that the gold is still rollin’, rollin’ in!

We cannot thank our residents enough. This is truly touching and amazing.

Do you have old gold or stones? Heck, I am even collecting sterling flatware! If you do please send it to:

Chaps Wayne Rudert,

Mayor – Basset hound town

P.O. Box 347

Ft. Thomas KY 41075

More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

5-20-08 LYNDA SEAL

Howllo Fellow Hound and gold watch lovers! Our friend Lynda Seal of AZBR sent in a package of gold and 2 golden watches for the House of Puddles Gold Rush. Her gold package was valued at 50.00 and is currently reflected on the firstgiving page.

Well, I just got to the watch shop today to obtain the value of the watches.


The larger one that is on the far left was worth 24.00 and that was for the casing only. The band was not gold. The two in the middle were not gold. The smaller one that is on the right of the watch grouping dated back to the late 1800s was only worth 2.00 for it’s parts, but every cent counts folks.

You guys would not have believed this watch shop and jewelery store. It is a few towns over but it is like stepping back in time. It was so cool. They are called Cleves and Lonneman. I cannot wait to go back. They also take sterling silver flatware so send any old pieces of flatware that you have and I will march it down to them for doe! I love this place and the folks are so nice.

As an aside, you would not believe the people waiting in line to cash in gold and silver. It was kind of odd. I have never seen anything like this in my life.

Lynda, thank you so much. Your donations have totaled close to 80.00 for the HOP. You ROCK!

Want to look at our Firstgiving page? Of course you do!



Howllo Fellow Hound and Florida Gold Lovers! I am so touched at how many of you are sending in gold for the House of Puddles! With gas being almost as expensive as gold it is hard for us to donate to our favorite charities. Not so for Kelly, Oreo and Snoopy!

Oreo – “Best as anyone can tell I am a boarder collie mix of some sort! My Mama rescued me from a shelter in north Florida 6 years ago”.

Snoopy – “Mama saved me from a man that was gonna send me back to the pound he adopted me from cause he said I was naughty…who me? Mama is pretty sure I am a Bagle (beagle/basset hound mix) cause I am too big to be a beagle and my ears aren’t long enough to be a basset!”
Look at this lovely grouping of gold! One piece in the grouping I found very nice, but more about that later.


I hustled right off to my jewelery store to see what the pieces were worth. The jeweler tested the gold and viewed it through a loop and there were 10K and 14K pieces. There was also a beautiful black hills 10K gold ring with a blue topaz stone. Well, I could not take my eyes off that piece.


The gold was worth 58.70! Wow, how bassetabulous is that? Pretty cool!

So, moving on to the ring! My jeweler and I researched it and determined that if the ring was new it could run as high as 100.00 or more. So, like I have done with previous rings I decided to put this ring in the
HOP boutique on my website, for 50.00 which all of the other rings are going for. (I still need to load 3 outstanding rings)

The scrap value of this ring would have been 28.50 for the 10K gold portion, the jeweler did not want the topaz. No way was I going to scrap this pretty little number!

When I got home, my Mom and Dad were looking at the flowers outside our home and I was telling them about the donation. They saw I was wearing the ring and asked me all kinds of questions.


Guess who got her birthday gift early? Me, me, me, me! My Mom and Dad bought the ring for 50.00, for my birthday, exactly one month early! My Mom and Dad were totally jazzed that 100% of their 50.00 is going to the HOP and I am just over the moon. Look how it matches my HOP support bracelet!!!

Kelly, it is so strange how the world works. You donated the ring to support the HOP thinking it would be scrapped, and now it is a treasured gift from my Mom and Dad that I will alway love. Every time I look at it I think of the elders at the HOP! How wonderful is that?

This will be recorded on the FirstGiving page as an offline donation so I can add a bit more detail to the description. I will send Marilyn a check for 110.00 on 5-15-08.

I love a black hills gold, blue topaz, happy ending. I also love Florida Gold!

More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

P.S. There was also a little charm with 3 tiny diamonds that I did not scrap. That will be in the HOP boutique as well very soon. I am waiting for a gold chain to come in that it fits. This item will be a stunner! I will keep you all posted. Kelly’s FL gold keeps on giving!

5-13-08 LYNDA SEAL

Howllo Fellow Hound and AZ Gold Lovers:


Our dear friend Lynda of Arizona Basset Hound Rescue has sent in a phenomenal package of gold and old watches for the House of Puddles Gold Rush. She sent it in weeks ago, but due to my Shingles malady I was remiss on getting it priced out. As you can see it is rather a large haul that took time to photograph and research at the jewlery store. Yummy!


Lynda, I love this package and I cannot thank you enough. Marilyn will be thrilled with the 48.80 dollars it has brought in. Some of the watches are still in consideration and I will update everyone as soon as I go to a watch shop I was referred to by my jeweler. One of the watches could be from the late 1800s! Very exciting indeed.

Lynda states, “It’s my pleasure to help the old hounds, I foster for Arizona Basset Hound Rescue and have some aged “forever fosters” myself. Marilyn may remember me, I always take part in her Raffles, and I’ve told her before she’s a hero to me!”

Well put Lynda, well put! Without folks like you, Marilyn could not carry on. It take a village. A village I am proud to call my own, and I am proud to have you as my neighbor!

Our FirstGiving page as been updated with your donation. I rounded it up!


Howllo Fellow Hound and more gold lovers! Can you believe it? More gold is rushing in! Lynn Linda sent us this earrings, one of which is broken.


They are hollow but gold, nonetheless! Every bit of this precious gold metal helps the precious elder golden hounds at the House of Puddles.

These earring panned out for 13.20. Just pantastic. Thank you so much Lynn Linda! I am going to our Firstgiving page right now. Lynn is a supporter of the HOP and also supports GABR!

She donates alot! Thank you dear friend!

I am heading over to our Firstgiving page to add your additional donation! Thank you!

More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

5-8-08 Jaclyn Whitehorn arrives at the trading post!

Howllo Fellow Hound and Trading Post Lovers: The wonderful items just keep flowing in from the mountain streams. This donation is from the Just wonderful Jaclyn!!! We cannot thank you enough my dear! jaclyn.jpg

These precious pieces brought 30.00 for the weight of the gold. As you can see from the picture there are 2 stones. One is a 14 point marquee diamond and the other is a smaller tanzanite earring stud. I elected to keep the stones for a charm I am filling for the House of Puddles. These gorgeous stones will be added to the charm. I feel I can get more for their value with this additional piece I am creating. It will be stunning so stay tuned for this bassethoundtown original. The 14 point marquee diamond will be a bassetabulous addition, not to mention the lavender tanzanite!

Thank you Jaclyn, I am heading over to the Firstgiving Page to update it with your donation.

You are one pawsome miner!

More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

5-5-08 Kip and Lisa Massett strike gold!

Howllo Fellow Hound and panning for gold lovers: Kip and Lisa sent in the contents of their pans about a week ago. I am just getting all of their totals together. Lisa’s item was too nice to scrap so that meant I had to add it to the HOP boutique on my website! I have just now done that and I must tell you this chain is super sweet! Here is the link to view it:

Lisa Massett’s chain in the HOP boutique

Please view this link because this is one golden opportunity to purchase a bassetabulous chain for the golden hoppers! Just stunning! Thank you soooooooo much Lisa. Your donation is totally pawsome!

Kip also sent two gold bands that brought in 45.00 dollars. Here are the pictures.



As you can see, they are a bit beat up, but that does not matter one bit when you are turning in your gold. Gold is at a record high and if we all turn in our bits and pieces it all adds up for the House of Puddles.

Please keep in mind, if you send me something that is in good condition, and after consulting with my jeweler, and we both agree, your item/s will go into the
HOP Boutique on my website. Folks, I can always scrap these items. But for now, if we can get more, I am MORE, than willing to take the time and showcase, market, and sell these items for MORE than scrap value!

OK, I am now on my way over to my Firstgiving Page to add the Massett donation.

Please stay tuned, because Kip is starting his own Firstgiving Page for the HOP. We love you Lynne!

Much More Later…..Cat, Chaps and Emma

4-29-08 PN miner checks in with huge haul!

Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Lovers: We are finally ready to report information from the mines of PA. Sharyn sent a bassetabulous mining pan and we were so excited to get it. Contained within the pan were several items. A 10K gold ring with a few one point diamonds worth 56.50. Sharyn_ring.jpg

How wonderful! A few of the stones were loose so it was not an item to go into the HOP boutique. We are thrilled with the amount raised from this pretty little ring!

Sharyn also sent several beautiful sterling chains. My jeweler and I both agreed I should keep them and use them to raise more money for the HOP. I have my thinking cap on.


They are all delightful, and only one was broken! I have some good ideas for these beauties. Rest assured they are all going towards the HOP!

For this blog posting I am saving the best for last! Hehehehe!

It is an item that I am listing in the HOP BOUTIQUE! This is not to be missed folks.

It is an 18K gold bracelet. Here is the link to the boutique listing.

Italian Milor – 18K double S link bracelet

It is just stunning and not to be missed. Sharyn, we cannot thank you enough for this bassetabulous item.

Friends, you must click and see it. I am so happy that someone will have an 18K gold HOP support bracelet. Just stunning.

Here is the link to our Firstgiving Page for the House of Puddles!

More Gold Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

4-24-08 Another covered wagon pulls in with Angelika and Ms. Brandy!

Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Rush lovers! This donation is just in from fellow miners, Angelika and Ms. Brandy. Aunt Angelika sent me old gold that had been in her jewelry box for a long time. Some of it was over 20 years old! (broken chains and other items)

We love Angelika and Brandy for that. As I always do, I took a picture of their donation prior to going to the jewelry store. A few of the chains that make the underline were not gold. However, they were the very smallest of their donation.

The grand total, as reflected in the check Ft. Thomas Jewelers wrote me is 74.40!


I will over to the Firstgiving page and make the donation in our sweet Angelika and Brandy’s names!


As you can see, I blur the signature and the checking account number. I would not want anyone devious on my blog to see that. I take every precaution to guard all of my vendors, readers, and site visitors.

More Gold Updates Later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

P.S. I had 2 packages today in my PO Box! Slurp! Stay tuned and please send me your old gold. The HOP hounds in their golden years need it very much!

4-21-08 Gold fever, gold fever, gold fever!

Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Fever Lovers: Well the streets are really paved with gold in bassethoundtown. Yesterday we received a package from Cathy in New York that just blew our minds!

I rushed right down to the jewelry store last night and cashed it in. Guess what? It was worth 128.80!


As you can see the check is made out for 149.80.


I had another package of items with me from Marie in KS. I wound up just scraping one of her items for 21.00!


The rest are rings that I really think, as well as my jeweler, are too nice to scrap. I forgot to get the sizes, so I am going to do that and then put them in the
HOP boutique on on website. I will announce that as soon as I get them up. They are very pretty and unique. My jeweler thinks they should go for 50.00 a piece. I cannot wait to show them to you.

More Later after I run over to the Firstgiving Page and update it! Cat, Chaps and Emma

4-16-08 Breaking news from the gold mine!
Howllo fellow hound and GOLD RUSH lovers: As you can see the hills are still filled with gold and the miners are trading it in! Miner Halle Amick brought in 2 pieces. The first one was a beautiful 14K bracelet which brought in 18.20.



The second piece is a beautiful 14k gold heart shaped pendent necklace with a 4 point diamond.


This piece is in excellent condition so I have choose to put it up for sale in the HOP BOUTIQUE on my website. Here is the link:


Please pass this link to anyone you think might be interested in such a wonderful piece. My jeweler told me I would only get about 30.00 if I scrapped it and she thought I could get about 75.00 if I sold it. The diamond is very nice and bright.


Thank you Halle! This is a pawsome donation.

Rollin’, Rollin’, Rollin’, keep the gold a flowin’

4-4-08 More Gold was panned in the mountain streams of basset hound town today from Diane Glass. Here is a pawsome picture of it:


Diane’s bounty brought in a whopping $74.10!

If you click on the picture you will see DG at the top. That means Diane Glass. Then 14Kt gold on the yellow slip, 5.7 means penny weight and today that amount brought in 74.10. At the bottom it says, “we owe her 155.40” That was for Kelly’s donation listed below. I picked up the check today. I just want to answer any and all questions! If you have any, e-mail me at:



Today the jewelry store aka, Trading Post gave me cash, so I will update the Firstgiving page with another donation from my credit card in Diane’s name. Diane, this is just so spectacular. You are golden in our eyes!


UPDATE with the Kelly Blixen and Marley donation! (read about it right below) I was right, it was the biggest donation to date: DRUM ROLL…… 155.40 –


The FG page is updated via my Discover Card for 157.00 so I could cover the fees.


Look what just poured into our P.O.Box today, 3-29-08! It is the biggest haul yet. Thanks go out to Kelly Blixen and Marley! We are pie eyed with their generous donation! IMG_4142.JPG

Folks, I cannot wait to see what this is worth! I will be reporting that total shortly.

This is sooooo much fun!

Read on down and see what other donations have brought in! This is so much fun and it really helps House of Puddles. I cannot say this enough. It is only 3-29-08 and the vet bills are over 10,000. The elders need our care and one small bit of gold can help if we put it all together!

Here is an example if what I am cashing in:


It’s just a tiny 14K gold tiny broken clasp, but it has to be worth something. I have not gone through my entire house yet, but I will. I will take pictures of every item and then have my jeweler tell me what he will give me. I will also have him record that on a receipt. 100% of all money will be donated to the HOP at the end of June.

Here is what my friend Lisa is cashing in:

This wedding set has small diamonds in each ring and a larger one in the engagement ring. Thanks you so much Lisa, I cannot wait to see what this will bring!


Today, we struck gold with the generous donation of Lisa Riggs of ERDesign, AKA dear friend and my graphic designer! You can give as well! I have everything detailed on the Firstgiving link. Please click on it and send us some gold and precious stones! All of the details are on the FG link. Here is a fun YouTube video of what Lisa’s donation was worth. Worth every cent as you can see!

Please click on our Firstgiving link!


I will make sure 100% of your donation gets to
House of Puddles. It is only early Spring, 3-24-08, and
House of Puddles, a tax deductible 501(c)3 organization, already has vet bills over 10,000 dollars. We can ease the pain with a few gold nuggets or a small stone. Thank you so much!

Hell bent for leather…..Cat, Chaps and Emma

P.S. I mentioned the Sitterupper’s Club in the video. You must go to this link and enjoy!


Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Rush Lovers! For those of you that are new readers, Devon and I have a Firstgiving Page!

Please click on our FG link and send us gold! This is such a cool and fun way to help the House of Puddles. The vet bills are exorbitant, reaching over 10,000 dollars in just 3 months this year.

I have noticed another increase in my Blog’s readership. Over 1000 people a day are checking in. Welcome to each and every one of you. I am overwhelmed and thrilled that you come to for your daily fix!

Today we struck a major vein of gold. Three packages arrived at the
Gold Rush Trading Post, (my PO Box) and we are so excited and busy. We photograph every haul and document precisely what our jewler gives us. Then we send 100% of that amount to HOUSE OF PUDDLES!


Speaking of the HOP, this was the package we received from Marilyn herself! She is the Mom of the HopPers. This is just fantastic. I will be updating the Gold Rush Trading Post with what this is worth. The little ring has small diamonds in it. The pearl earring is so pretty and has a shade of pink to it. The other gold earring is a nice size as you can see!

Most of us have items we can give as you will see from the other two packages I received today.

Audra, thank you sooooooo much. You have some cool GOLD and a totally pawsome stone!





You can send all of your items and trust me. I will make sure everything is documented and showcased for the world to see. I think that this is a super way to give to a cause! Gold is at an all time high and many of us have items that have laid around for years!

How pretty are these items? I am just so jazzed.

Then, Ms. Linda Ferrell arrives at the Gold Rush Trading post and the beauty continues. Linda, you also have a item that might be able to be placed in the HOP Boutique. Those beautiful gold link earrings.

Believe me folks, I will research this and make sure these items go into the correct catagory for maximum return. I cherish your hard work in sending these items to me. I will make sure we get top dollar for the HOP.


I will update everyone on my progress and I want to remind you, if your donation is over 25.00 Devon and I are offering a free gift!
Go to our
FirstGiving Page
and read all about it.

As soon as I learn what all of this is all worth, I will be updating this Official Gold Rush Trading Post link.

3-29-08 UPDATE:

Here it is folks! 101.40 dollars.




For all of the items I just showed you. It also includes this basketball charm from Brandon for 8.40.

I keep referring to My JEWELER. Here is the link to their store.


I love my hometown jeweler, thanks for helping!

More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma



Devon has a new, smaller pink bone necklace perfect for you, your hound’s collar, or a gift! (I have a link to view the pictures right below)
For donations of 25.00 or more:

You can pick a:

10 pack of Lily Greeting Cards,


Devon’s Original Dream Necklace!

Devon’s New, Smaller, Pink Dream Necklace!

These links are for viewing purposes only! Do not add to cart! After you donate 25.00 or more you can pick one of these gifts.

Just e-mail me and let me know what you want!

This is going to be so much fun and we are hosting parties and special events all year long. So please check back often. Also, can you pass this link along to everyone you know?

Marilyn, is the house Mother of HOP!

What a wonderful woman! Thanks Marilyn!

Want to see what life is like for a few minutes at the HOP? You have to see this YouTube video! Marilyn has a video camera on her butt! ROFLOL!

Much, Much more later…Cat, Devon and all of our hounds past and present!


  1. Ryan
    March 15th, 2007 | 6:26 pm

    Wow, I love this feature on your site. I am now planning on attending the Alabama waddle this weekend. I only live 20 minutes away. Thanks alot!

  2. Kate
    March 15th, 2007 | 9:22 pm

    I am so happy to see this link. I am now going to the Nationals. Thank you for telling me about it. I will check back often! Thanks Kate

  3. Bette
    March 15th, 2007 | 9:27 pm

    I will check back about the Brood event. I am from Maryland and I want more details. I have three hounds that want to attend! I love your site. I will send pictures soon. Bette

  4. Reese
    March 19th, 2007 | 4:23 pm

    Stretch. I have not heard the other canidates speeches, but it would be hard to beat you. What a doll. (I am typing loud so you can hear me!) I love you, Reese

  5. Jaycee
    March 20th, 2007 | 8:02 pm

    Hi elders and those helping the elders! I cannot wait to see the show! Wow, can everyone believe this? Bassets on TV? I am honored to vote for your retirement home. It sounds like the best dream come true ever. Drooling with Max and Shep in New Mexico

  6. Wilson - Sr. Hound
    March 20th, 2007 | 8:06 pm

    Hi, my name is Wilson and I am a Sr. Hound that has all of the stuff you are dreaming of. I am very lucky and I know it. My Dad, will vote for your dream and we both feel it in our old bones that it will come true! Every hound deserves a comfortable place to rest. I know my old bones appreciate it. From one old guy to many others in need, Wilson

  7. Bonnie
    March 20th, 2007 | 8:15 pm

    Hey, am I understanding this correctly? I am just stunned that Bassets are going to be featured on a reality show? Can some one pinch me? Wow, who woke up and smelled the ratings? That person should get a raise! Bonnie with Bonnie Jr, (the best girl in the world basset) from NY City!

  8. Evelyn
    March 20th, 2007 | 10:51 pm

    Your website is so huge! But the ABC show is huger! I am over come with all of your information. The ABC show is so important. Thank you. Evelyn, Bert, Baby, Chancy, and Eve

  9. Pretty Boy Floyd
    March 21st, 2007 | 11:50 am

    Major drool ribbons being slung southward towards Aunti Devon…you go girl! Feel the positive vibes…….

  10. Ken Johnson
    March 21st, 2007 | 2:55 pm

    I love those Hounds aged to perfection, Lemon Drop and Buster will be arooooing their support and I will do my part on the Vote end. I think a center for the well aged Hounds is an outstanding idea.
    Lots of luck and all our prayers. ken,Lemon Drop & Buster.

  11. Jannette
    March 21st, 2007 | 5:15 pm

    I love the stories of the hounds! Great job!

  12. Kathy Wilson
    March 21st, 2007 | 9:48 pm

    Best of luck next week – we’ll be voting for you early and often! Kathy and Twinkletoes

  13. Megan Mariah
    March 22nd, 2007 | 12:50 am

    I’m not a senior Basset but I lived at Daphneyland for several months before being adopted. I had the opportunity to meet and play with many of the beautiful senior hounds. The seniors are so full of personality and love. I’ll cross my paws and say a prayer that the Basset Guardian Angel helps Devon’s Wish come true.

    Megan Mariah

  14. Norma Whelan
    March 22nd, 2007 | 4:53 am

    Major drool and prayers coming from across the pond,from Angel,and her Wannabe brothers Bruno and Lucky and slave Mama Norma and their Scottish Basset cousins Kelpie and Milo and their slave Mama Anne for Auntie Devon may the Angels be shining on you on the day

  15. March 22nd, 2007 | 9:26 am

    Jess is doing her best to produce drool at the moment, but is finding it real hard…. it’s the thought that counts though! Devon, this is probably the biggest thing to ever happen to Basset Rescue nationally, and especially for California. We at Golden Gate Basset Rescue are rooting for you!!!!!

  16. Richard and Beth
    March 22nd, 2007 | 9:27 am

    OK folks, I have an idea!!! Richard and I have already set up a viewing party at our house on 3-27-07. We are going to have everyone bring cell phones and vote for Devon. Instead of a block party, I am calling it a bark party. We will decide what to do on the 28th, after we see what happens that night. Beth

  17. Carrie
    March 22nd, 2007 | 6:57 pm

    Wow, I am impressed. I love this town. It seems that we have a really major event to be excited about. I know I am. Who is Devon? I don’t know, but her dream is the bomb! Carrie, Stinkin love hound aka Schmitt, and him! (my husband) what ever! OK he pays some of the dog food bills!

  18. March 23rd, 2007 | 1:13 am

    Who is Aunt Devon? Old tho I may be, and she’s been missing for forever from the ranch (well, for a week at least!) let me tell you about my Aunt Devon.
    She is an Angel. She is Beautiful (altho she doesn’t have long ears) and wonderful, she LOVES all us furkids, but me especially – Want to know a secret? Aunt Devon ALWAYS has chicken strips hiding in her clothes…. if they air any of the ranch tape on the show, you’ll see us all tickling her to steal the treats!
    Our Aunt Devon is the best!!

  19. March 26th, 2007 | 5:40 pm

    We all will be voting for the hounds – Daphneyland is heaven for all the hounds and fur kids young and old, and Devon’s dream deserves to come true – we will be voting on Tuesday night along with all you hounds!!!! We visit often and it is so cool amongst the hounds. The seniors deserve a place!

  20. Cindy
    July 2nd, 2007 | 7:28 pm

    We are sooooo proud of you and all you do for all hounds!!! We love our Aunt Kit Kat.
    Cindy, Ronald and Henry (: (: (:

  21. March 29th, 2008 | 6:20 pm


  22. Beverly Burkholder
    May 15th, 2008 | 10:08 pm

    I have several pieces of new sterling tableware……a couple spoons, a fork, a knife, etc. Do you take silver? Bev Burkholder, Tucson, AZ, member and foster parent for Arizona Basset Hound Rescue. I love the old gals best of all and am getting an 8 yo tri- girl tomorrow

  23. August 25th, 2008 | 9:04 pm

    hey great job,i saw were someone in the first comment mentioned a ALABAMA WADDLE. do they still do this?please let me know

  24. December 11th, 2008 | 6:09 pm

    […] Not to mention gold, unless you are donating it to the House of puddles! […]

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