Hereditary Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma in Basset Hounds

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2-15-14 – OK, I have been wanting to post this for a long time.  Now is the time.

This is Emma’s CERF examination findings.  This sheet of paper was in the contract package that came with darling Emma.  In your opinion, don’t you think I should have been alerted to this page prior to driving from KY to TX to pick up Chaps and Emma?


Let’s look a little bit closer… This is Emma’s permanent ID # and should be online somewhere.  Probably over at CERF.


Emma’s Breeders who lived in TX at the time.  They no longer do and all of this information is online.


Let’s look at another highlight.  Very interesting.  You can see where the Ophthalmologist darkened the circle that identifies that he believes Emma’s findings are “inherited”.  This is huge because if he even remotely suspects that Emma’s findings could produce glaucoma why in the hell would a “responsible breeder” choose to breed that couple again?  These are facts my friends.


So, here is what Dr. Munger had to say about his findings, findings that I was NEVER made aware of.


O.U. Pectinate Ligament dysplasia present 360 degrees with some narrowing of the iridocorneal angle and mild misodermal goniodysgensim.

To be continued.  Facts are facts folks.  Do your home work and ask your fancy breeder if they do this CERF test.  If so, read it carefully and have a medical opinion of your own done.  I learned the hard way but you don’t have to.  What this diagnosis says in a nut shell, Emma was predisposed to glaucoma and eventual blindness.  For reasons know only to the breeders they opted not to share this diagnosis with me.  I am sharing this with you.

Later I will put all of these words into a full context for you.


Goniodysgenesis refers to abnormal and incomplete development of the intraocular fluid egrss channels inside the eye. This condition is common in dogs with primary glaucoma (basset hounds and many other breeds). Normal intraocular fluid (aqueous humor) is produced inside the eye by the ciliary body (faucet) and then flows around the lens, through the pupil and into the drainage angle (drain) in the front of the eye. The pectinate ligaments are small channels that form tunnels for fluid to drain from the eye.  If an animal has goniodysgenesis, the flow holes are compromised and the animal may have an increased glaucoma risk.



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Hereditary Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma in Basset Hounds


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