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Right now I am just making notes to myself so when I get over to this section in more detail I can remember a few things.  Recently I heard the quote “Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”  I immediately wrote it down so I could use it right here in this page of my blog.  There is so much corruption in basset hound rescue and I want to warn those of you who care all about it.  Please do not donate to these rescues that have bloated, greedy figure heads that spin a good story.

Absolute monarchies are those in which all power is given to or, as is more often the case, taken by, the monarch. Examples of absolute power corrupting are Roman emperors (who declared themselves gods) and Napoleon Bonaparte (who declared himself an emperor) or those who sit at the top of corrupt basset hound rescues.  These people also declare themselves gods and the power they have awarded themselves makes them believe their own press and lies.  Anytime you see a basset hound rescue with a President or figure head that has been in that position for over 4 years you know they are in it for themselves.  501c3 organizations are a scammers dream come true.

So, who can we thank for this wonderful quotation?  Interestingly his name is Lord Acton, who expressed this opinion in a letter written in 1887.  Hummmmm…Do we know any other lords or power junkies with that same last name?  Yes, yes we do.  Her ladyship Acton.  What goes around comes around.


Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and adopting a basset hound lovers!  Coming soon is my all new guide to adopting a basset hound!   I will steer you in the right direction!  Don’t be mislead by scam breeders or certain rescues. I have all the information you need!

Remember – Transparency illuminates the pathway to accountability!

I have many, many tips.  I am working on a guide that I can e-mail you.

Stay Tuned!

More loving truthful information later…Cat, Daisy Lynn (Chaps and Emma ATB shining the way on the rainbow pathway!)



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