Emma and Chaps open their package!

May 31st, 2008 - 9:09 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and package lovers! I was so excited when a package came for Chaps and Emma from their Aunt Audra in TX. Emma has been a bit down and I was sure this would perk her up! Emma has many loves in her life. Here they are in order:

1.) Mommy
2.) Food (this maybe number 1, but I am in denial)
3.) Chaps
4.) Visitors
5.) New toys
6.) Walks
7.) Car rides

So, I opened the package to find number 5 on her list! I have to thank Audra’s Mom, Charlene for the toys. Audra’s Mom, is honorary Grandma to my kids.


Emma ran to her bed with her new duck toy. It was so cute how she made it quack. I think Chaps was a bit frightened by the sound at first, but his curiosity got the best of him and he played with it as well.



Then Emma stole the pick wedge sandal from Chaps. He really took to that toy. The Mayor is in touch with his feminine side! LOL

Thank you so much Charlene. I will alway cherish the note you wrote as well. We love you!

More Later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

Annika breaks the record for gold rush donation:)

May 30th, 2008 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and record breaking lovers! Breaking news just in! I received a package in the mail today from Annika of Oak Hill VA. This is her hound Murphy! He is so excited about the gold rush!


These packages are always so much fun to open and drool over! The total for the gold that I turned in from Annika is….Drum roll please:




OMG, OMG, OMG! This is not it folks, I am selling items in the HOP boutique sent from Annika that could raise over $200.00 or more!


As you can see, it is quite the bounty! Gold was down a little bit today, but my jeweler gave me the going rate from last week since this was all going to charity! Thanks Renee and Vince of Ft. Thomas Jewelers!

Within this bounty is a platinum ring with 2 large pink sapphires. This item alone brought in a whopping $244.80 dollars!

The middle stone was missing and reported as such by Annika. Folks, my jeweler’s jaw dropped when I pulled this out of the bag for him to price. He said, “My goodness, basset hound people are so generous!” Annika, we cannot thank you enough. I had my jeweler remove the pink sapphires and I will add them to the container charm I am working on for the end of gold rush auction.

Yes folks, for those of you with an eagle eye, that is a basset hound 14K gold charm. Of course Annika did not send this golden hound to be scrapped, that would be sacrilegious! This golden hound is in the HOP gift shop.


I found the exact same charm on the internet and it goes for 186.35!

Here is the link to the HOP boutique on my site if you wish to purchase it.


We are offering it for the low, low price of 95.00.
This includes a free 10 pack of
basset hound town greeting cards, a 20.00 value.

100% of the sale will go to the HOP. When you purchase this charm on my site the money will go directly to HOP. Marilyn will e-mail me and I will mail you the charm and the greeting cards.


Moving right along, Annika sent another charm that was toooooo cute to scrap. It is a small 14K gold teddy bear! It is adorable. It is hollow. The detail is fantastic and the fun factor is off the charts!


Look at this little buddy! How cute is this? Folks, I cannot find anything this cute on the internet. Anything remotely similar is about 140.00. This is a dandy item! Look, the Teddy has a bow tie on! How cute! None of the charms are near this size or in this 3D detail. It is hollow, but it is big and in perfect shape. I am going to sell it for the same price as the basset charm and offer the basset hound town greeting card package. Here is the link:



We also have these 4 charms (2 of each) in the HOP boutique. I just love them. Where there is gold on the charm, it is 14K. The charms are cloisonne balls and cubic zirconia hearts. I just love them. (did I already say that?) LOL! Here is the link to their page in the HOP boutique.

LINK TO PAWSOME CHARMS! (still working, looking for pricing)

What a wonderful way to end the week! This donation is just pawsome and it will keep on giving! Please shop HOP on my website! It is the perfect way to donate your money. 100% goes to HOP paypal. It is my honor and pleasure to help out in this fashion.

You keep giving and I will keep HopPing to the jewelery store!

More HopPing Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

Chaps and Emma just got a package in the mail!!!???!!!

May 30th, 2008 - 7:07 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and getting packages in the mail lovers: OMG! Last night I wrote how Emma was not feeling too great. She has been hearing all the spring sounds with the windows wide open and it is soooooo confusing to her. She runs, and tries to look out the window. It is hard to watch.

However, we will really start the weekend off on a positive note especially since we received this package from Aunt Audra in TX!

Please check back later because I want to wait to open it when Emma is awake.

This is so much fun!

More fun, pictures, and love later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

Basset hounds in Houston and surrounding area shelters in need of rescue for the week of 5/26/08.

May 29th, 2008 - 8:08 pm KY Time

Hollow fellow hound and Houston lovers: I am in love with how basset hound rescues are on YouTube!

Please look and pass this along! These hounds need homes!

More hounds needing homes later. Unfortunately! Cat, Chaps and Emma

I feel so sorry for Emma tonight

May 29th, 2008 - 8:08 pm KY Time


Howllo Fellow Hound and Emmers Lovers:

Having a blind hound is so sad. I do not let Emma know I feel this way. However, I see how she struggles. Prior to to going blind she would bound down the hall way to check on the barking dogs in the neighborhood. Now she bumps down and seems frustrated. She is really aging as well. Today it seemed liked she had a headache. Her third eyelid was up on her prosthetic eye.

It is a struggle for humans and hounds alike when we face a disability. We wish the best for our children and when they struggle we struggle.

Emma is very young and was so active. Now she is in the dark. Believe me, I know that she is lucky to be with me.

I feel she wants me to tell her story. I see her trying to look at me…..

More of Emma’s story later…Cat, Chaps and beautiful Emma

YouTube coffee break video

May 29th, 2008 - 6:06 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and coffee break lovers: Here is a cute and short video of what a basset hound named bonny dreams about. Heck, I think it’s what Chaps and Emma dream about as well.

Warning, this video might cause belly rub withdraw!

More later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

Attention those of you in the greater LA area! Claire is waiting for you!

May 28th, 2008 - 7:07 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and Claire lovers: This just in from our very own Devon.


“Claire is about 1 – 1/2 years old and weighs approximately 45 pounds. Her coloring is “tri” but she’s mostly brown and white. Claire was turned into a shelter by her prior owner so we don’t have a lot of history on her.

She has been spayed, is up to date on her vaccinations and micro-chipped. Claire is very energetic and all full of kisses for everyone! She also loves belly rubs! Claire seems to get along well with other dogs.

She would love to come home with someone soon! If you can foster or give Claire a forever home contact Barry – president@bassetrescueconnection.org

HOTLINE (800)411-2388
Outside CA (805)524-5500.”

To forward this blog, open and e-mail screen and drag the title of the blog into your e-mail.

Also, please visit Basset rescue connection’s website at:


More news about Claire later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

UPDATE! Two more gold packages arrive today at my PO Box!

May 27th, 2008 - 5:05 pm KY Time

5-27-08 – As promised I am updating the Gold Rush Trading Post with amounts from Kacy and Sharyn.

On 5-20-08 I posted that I received two packages. You can see the original post right below this one.

The first package was from Kacy and Cowboy of San Diego, CA.


This is our Cowboy!

They are right in the heart of gold rush country. This picture is of the grouping!


The items were hauled into the weighing area and a grand total of 22.00 was handed over! Yeehaw! kacycowboy3.jpg


The small charm was plated but the opal was real and I am using it in a charm I am designing. The ring was plated but the topaz was real and again, I am using it in a charm that I will sell for the HOP.

The necklace was 10K with 20 one point diamonds. That was worth 22.00! The chain was gold colored metal.

Hey folks, send me any and everything! I want it all. Every penny counts when old hounds are concerned!

Now for the second package from Sharyn of Lancaster, PA!

This is Sharyn’s second gold package for HOP! She found some more gold in her covered wagon and sent it on down the doggie trail!

Check out these three gold charms. The wishbone and lightening bolt were 10K. The small flower charm was 14K.

This is the grouping that Sharyn sent. The 14K swirl pin with pearls on the left is going into the HOP boutique. The pin next to it was 10K. The two tack pins were not gold. The heart pin was 14K. The charms on the bottom row are listed above.

Sharyn’s haul brought in 33.10 for the HOP, not counting the 14K swirl pin with pearls on the extreme left that my jeweler thinks should fetch 30.00 dollars! It really is nice folks. Very dainty and very nice! Here is the Link to the HOP boutique and the,


Currently, the total that these two packages brought in is: 65.10!

Remember, this does not count Sharyn’s 14K antique swirl pin with pearl! It is stunning! I am loading it into the HOP boutique for 30.00! A steal!

More Gold News Later….Cat, Chaps and Emma
5-20-08 – Original post

Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Lovers! I went to my PO Box today and received two more packages. One is from Sharyn, (her second package), and other is from Cowboy and Kacy! I cannot wait to photograph everything tonight and get to the jewelry store ASAP.

I just want everyone to know that the gold is still rollin’, rollin’ in!

We cannot thank our residents enough. This is truly touching and amazing.

Do you have old gold or stones? Heck, I am even collecting sterling flatware! If you do please send it to:

Chaps Wayne Rudert,

Mayor – Basset hound town

P.O. Box 347

Ft. Thomas KY 41075

More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

House of Puddles streaming live (off and on) right now!

May 27th, 2008 - 10:10 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and April Lovers: April is a new arrival to the HOP. She was taken in by Marilyn from Susan of Bluegrass Basset Rescue. April is, “older than dirt” according to the vet who examined her after she was rescued from an animal hoarder in KY. Look how skinny she was upon arrival at the HOP!


Well, turns out, April was very pregnant. Marilyn thought is was odd how fast she began gaining weight! It looks like there are two pups and one was born this morning at about 9:00am.


Here is the picture of the puppy right after she cleaned it up. Poor girl, approximately 11 years old and still having puppies. Well, dear April these will be the last and Marilyn will make sure of it. I am going to give every one 2 links. This first one is the Webcam that Marilyn has set up, but it is down more than it is up. However, there is a streaming live chat that keeps us up to date.


Click here to help with the cost of this unusual situation:

Can you believe this? Puppies at a retirement home! Marilyn, you deserve a metal. To make matters even more difficult, Marilyn is sick with a bad, bad cold.

More puppy news later, but for now, get on the CAM! Slurp! Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

Early morning with the kids!

May 26th, 2008 - 10:10 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and early morning lovers: This morning I captured this shot as the sun was streaming in my living room window. For the past 3 mornings we have been up at 6:00am to greet the day! You can pack a lot of fun into a day that starts that early!


I will be adding some pictures of the Wright Patterson Air-force base really soon. We had so much fun! We walked through 3 airport hangers. It was totally pawsome and an honor to visit on Memorial day weekend.

More pictures later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

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