UPDATE! Two more gold packages arrive today at my PO Box!

May 27th, 2008 - 5:05 pm KY Time

5-27-08 – As promised I am updating the Gold Rush Trading Post with amounts from Kacy and Sharyn.

On 5-20-08 I posted that I received two packages. You can see the original post right below this one.

The first package was from Kacy and Cowboy of San Diego, CA.


This is our Cowboy!

They are right in the heart of gold rush country. This picture is of the grouping!


The items were hauled into the weighing area and a grand total of 22.00 was handed over! Yeehaw! kacycowboy3.jpg


The small charm was plated but the opal was real and I am using it in a charm I am designing. The ring was plated but the topaz was real and again, I am using it in a charm that I will sell for the HOP.

The necklace was 10K with 20 one point diamonds. That was worth 22.00! The chain was gold colored metal.

Hey folks, send me any and everything! I want it all. Every penny counts when old hounds are concerned!

Now for the second package from Sharyn of Lancaster, PA!

This is Sharyn’s second gold package for HOP! She found some more gold in her covered wagon and sent it on down the doggie trail!

Check out these three gold charms. The wishbone and lightening bolt were 10K. The small flower charm was 14K.

This is the grouping that Sharyn sent. The 14K swirl pin with pearls on the left is going into the HOP boutique. The pin next to it was 10K. The two tack pins were not gold. The heart pin was 14K. The charms on the bottom row are listed above.

Sharyn’s haul brought in 33.10 for the HOP, not counting the 14K swirl pin with pearls on the extreme left that my jeweler thinks should fetch 30.00 dollars! It really is nice folks. Very dainty and very nice! Here is the Link to the HOP boutique and the,


Currently, the total that these two packages brought in is: 65.10!

Remember, this does not count Sharyn’s 14K antique swirl pin with pearl! It is stunning! I am loading it into the HOP boutique for 30.00! A steal!

More Gold News Later….Cat, Chaps and Emma
5-20-08 – Original post

Howllo Fellow Hound and Gold Lovers! I went to my PO Box today and received two more packages. One is from Sharyn, (her second package), and other is from Cowboy and Kacy! I cannot wait to photograph everything tonight and get to the jewelry store ASAP.

I just want everyone to know that the gold is still rollin’, rollin’ in!

We cannot thank our residents enough. This is truly touching and amazing.

Do you have old gold or stones? Heck, I am even collecting sterling flatware! If you do please send it to:

Chaps Wayne Rudert,

Mayor – Basset hound town

P.O. Box 347

Ft. Thomas KY 41075

More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

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