Blast from the bassethoundtown past!

April 30th, 2012 - 8:08 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and blast from the past lovers!  I was looking for an old picture which is always a chore.  I now have about 14 thousand in my IPhoto file.  Keep in mind, these 14K are only since I started bassethoundtown online back in 2004.  It is always fun to look through all the pics because you run across ones like this.

Look howl young our Mayor looks!  This was back on 2006.  These are his new toys.  He still has both of them.


I think the Mayor has the prettiest paws in the world.

Well…I just thought that I would share memories of our town!

More memories later….Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

PS – I am still looking for that picture that started the whole thing.

What a wacky whirlwind weekend on the world wide web…

April 29th, 2012 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and WWWWWWW lovers…..Well, the drama unfolded on Thursday night.  I was sniffing around and bamm!  I found something called  What?  My heart sunk.  Someone in cyberspace is using my name?  So, I spent most of the weekend researching this person and low and behold they will not answer multiple pleas to contact me.

Just so the residents know, I have all of the information on the internet about the .org and have been trying to get answers. No one will call me back, including Carolina Basset Hound Rescue.

I just cannot believe that someone would buy my name and start another basset hound business.  Out of all of the names anyone could pick why would you want mine? Why would you want to start out you business (with further plans to form a 501(c)3) on the wrong paw?  Frankly, it is unethical.

I started 10 years ago and have had my LLC about that long.  I am established.

I have done lots of research so I know most, if not all of what is on the net now about this .org.  I just don’t want anyone to go to any trouble trying to research this and waste your time.  I will be reporting more on the issue as things come up but for now…I am just so sad that someone would do this.  Why would they want to pick my name?  For reasons known only to himself it only leads to speculation and educated conclusions on my part.

So, in a nut shell here is the scoop.  The .org is a dream of someone who wants to start a clinic just for bassets hounds.  He wants to call it basset hound town.  It potentially will be servicing basset hounds in the Carolinas.  He links to Carolina Basset Hound Rescue on his .org but they claim they are in no way a part of this clinic.  None of this makes any sense.

PICK ANOTHER NAME! Mine is taken!  For the love of dog start out with some ethics!

There is a sheriff in town! He protects his Mommy!

howdy horizontal

More reporting later…sigh….Love Sad Cat, Chaps and Emma:(

The following blog update are my professional opinions and conclusions based upon my detailed research of this unfortunate incident.

10-2-16 – Update – regarding this wacky and frankly disturbing issue of why someone would steal someone else’s  identity.  Stealing, theft what ever you want to call it.  Something was clearly wrong with this person and I never figured it out and I guess I never will.  Turns out he passed away a few years ago.  He was only 57.  Since the obituary mentions basset hound town I am under an obligation to reply. 

“Terry was also the Founder of The Original Future of Packaging, LLC and Basset Hound Town, Inc.”

Terry Miller never had anything to do with basset hound town.  Basset  hound town is owned solely by myself, Cathy L. Rudert.  Basset hound town has a copyright!

The .org still has a facebook page and a website.  The entire thing is just a real mystery that I guess went to the grave, or maybe someone out in our demographic has some kind of clue???  Miller, clearly, IMO wanted to gain some notoriety from stealing my name and maybe, if you think about it, wanted to be shady and beg for donations using my name.  He was clearly confusing our demographic by the odd decisions he made.  I personally always thought that he should have picked a name like “Low County Bassets”.  It would have fit right in with the rescue that he so dearly loved and asked that donations be made to after his death.  That would have been really cute and fit right in with what he was doing.  What was he doing?  His obit said he worked hard for basset hound town (really?) He never lifted a finger for me – he only evaded my e-mails, phone calls, private messages, and all communications.  I want this made perfectly clear if anyone winds up here to see what Terry Miller’s obits says about basset hound town (they left out the .org) is not true.  He only served to confuse a small number of our demographic and for what reason other than notoriety and scamming donations I  have no clue.  I know he was in contact with some of the big wigs in our demographic so the whole thing is just real shady. The only thing I could glean was that he wanted to open a vet type of facility for basset hounds and call it basset hound town???  I still like my name better for what he claimed to be “working hard” on.  What a wacky whirlwind it has been with this poacher.  I tried my best to work with him but he 100% shunned me.  He clearly had a love of basset hounds and for that I am glad.  He did have joy in his life but he brought about a lot of pain for me.  Rest in peace Terry Miller – There is a basset hound town section of the rainbow bridge that you are more than welcome to visit.  It is run by Chaps.  He will see to it you are welcome.  He was never one to hold a grudge.  You can find basset hound town with the following map.  After you crossed over the bridge, turn to the right and basset hound town is the third cloud to the north.  I will continue to protect my patch of happiness right here on earth living, loving, creating, and caring for the only basset hound town there is.  Dog bless and Dog speed…

Terry Stuart Miller
GREENSBORO, NC– Mr. Terry Stuart Miller, 57, of Greensboro passed away in his home on Friday, April 25, 2014.
Terry was born June 17, 1956 in Spartanburg, SC to the late Earl Lewis and Parnell “Nell” Miller. He was the President of Southeastern Paper Group and started the company’s branch location in Browns Summit, NC. Terry was also the Founder of The Original Future of Packaging, LLC and Basset Hound Town, Inc. Prior to his illness, Terry was very active with these businesses. He was an avid golfer, die-hard UNC Tar Heel fan and involved in Basset Hound Rescue. Terry was the proud Dad to many wayward Basset Hounds over the years and enjoyed their company and was entertained by their antics.
Terry is survived by his brother, E. Lewis Miller, Jr. and wife Ree, of Spartanburg, SC; nephews, Benjamin Lewis Miller, wife Kirsten and children Ben and Will, and Andrew James Miller and wife Margaret; nieces, Kimberly Jones Taylor, husband JC and children Rivers and Elle, and Marion Michelle Jones.
Funeral services will be held 3:00 PM on Monday, April 28th at Lee’s Chapel United Methodist Church, 2303 Lee’s Chapel Road, with Pastor Joel Marks officiating. The family will receive friends from 4:00 to 6:00 PM following the service. The burial will be held privately in Spartanburg, SC.
Memorials may be made to Carolina Basset Hound Rescue (CBHR), PO Box 80082, Charleston, SC 29416-0082, or Hospice & Palliative Care of Greensboro, 2500 Summit Avenue, Greensboro, NC 27405.
“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!” Hunter S. Thompson
More loving, honoring, and cherishing basset hound town later…

YouTube find of the day…Basset Hound Rescue So Cal

April 25th, 2012 - 8:08 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Basset Hound Rescue YouTube lovers.  What a wonderful little video to promote basset hound rescue.  I wonder if everyone involved works in Hollywood?  This is much better than some of the trailers for films I have seen recently.

(update – for some reason this is no longer showing ?)  Oh well.  It was really cute!

Great Job So Cal!

Hopefully More YouTubes like this later…Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

Cincinnati Queen City Tour – with the hounds!

April 23rd, 2012 - 2:02 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Queen City Tour Lovers…..

Well, back in 1970 you could see these signs all over Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.  Now, they are just faded reminders of a once great idea.  I notice a few of the signs are still up, some are tilting and hanging like lost souls.  What ever happened to this great idea I wondered?????


So, who do you go to when you want all of the answers?  GOOGLE!  I found this website….

Queen City Tour

“In 1970, the Greater Cincinnati Beautiful Committee in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce created the Queen City Tour. The purpose of the tour was to introduce visitors and locals alike to all of the scenic and historical sites that the city had to offer within a 2 hour car ride by following the purple and gold signs.

My goal is to visit all of the sites on the tour as well as add some that aren’t on the original and along the way, share what I have learned. I hope you enjoy it!”

I was beyond thrilled.  This was exactly what I was looking for.

It was the perfect day for a basset hauling vehicle ride.  So we gathered up our queen….

funny emma

and King and set out on our motor tour of the Queen City.

We promptly got lost after the first sign but interestingly we weaved our way to our lunch destination hitting about 7 of the stops on the list of 88.   All in all we hit about 20 spots but not in order.

Our lunch spot (number 14) was Rookwood Pottery which is somewhat famous for it’s hamburgers, not to mention it’s world famous tile.  Here is Grandma sitting in one of the kilns used as a dining area now.


Can you see why the burgers are so famous?

photo 1

It was the perfect day for the motor tour because we could leave the kids in the car with the windows cracked while we had lunch.  I never leave them in the BHV unless I can see them and the weather is PERFECT!


We just ask the hostess and they can normally get you a great seat.  If not, we leave.  No biggie!


So, after we got lost and had lunch we ventured around Mt. Adams, a quaint little area and hit about 2 or 3 more stops on the Queen City Tour.

It was cold so we didn’t get the kids out for much more than a potty break.


We can’t wait to hit the rest of the stops.

This one was really cool!

Immaculata Church

photo 2

OK, well that is all for now.

More Queen City Touring later…..Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

Well…here are the 2 birthday pictures of our very own Emma.

April 21st, 2012 - 6:06 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Emma’s 8th birthday picture lovers.  Every year Grandma and I take pictures of Emma under the blooming cherry tree in our front yard.  Since the tree blooms in mid March we must seize the moment.  Normally, I pick one photo but I could not pick the official one yet.  What do you guys think?

This one?

photo 1


This one?

photo 3


Happy Birthday Darling…

We love you….Mommy, Grandma and Chaps

8 years ago today. I remember like it was yesterday!

April 21st, 2012 - 12:12 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Birthday Lovers!  Yes, it is our darling Shimlettes birthday.  She is 8 years old and I can hardly believe it.  As many of you know she was little first born!  That does not surprise me in the least.  I wanted to share this photo of her hours after she was born.

It is a massive image.  If you click the pic it is about the same size she was at that time.


Wonder howl many times that snooter has been kissed in 8 years?

Luckily, I pay for a top tier hosting package from my website provider so I can take up as much space as I want!  This picture is worth every penny!  hehehe

Of course I will be posting her 8 year old birthday pics later today.  We have 2 favorites.  I would love to know which one you like better.  I will choose mine also.

EMMA WANDA RUDERT – AKA – EARLY MORNING MISTY AIR (Named by Grandpa after her Mom, Dawn’s First Light.)

More loving our big 8 year old later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

Grandma and I are Fanilows! Do you know what that is?

April 21st, 2012 - 11:11 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Fanilow Lovers…..A Fanilow is a Barry Manilow Fan.  I have had Barry on my mixed tapes since the 1970s.  Love The Barry!  Anyway….He was in town last night.  There is a new arena at Northern Kentucky University.  NKY is really near our home.

Here is Grandma buying her ticket.  We decided to go with the cheap seats in the peanut gallery.  Get this.  Our tickets were only 10 dollars a piece!  His VIP seats go for 150.00ish.  They were sold out the day the concert was announced.


This was his first tour since his 7 year contact in Vegas was up.  Northern KY was his first stop!

I had to put on my bling for my Barry!  I know most every word to most every song.

Photo on 2012-04-20 at 16.56

Here is our view from the nose bleed section….


I screamed so loud during this song that Barry stopped and looked up and said, “I still got it!”

photo 5


More looking like we made it later…..Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

Operation Protecting the Patty from Sunburn!

April 19th, 2012 - 9:09 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Sunburn Operation Lovers…Today we were all out back getting a good dose of vitamin D.  It felt so good with the spring sun beating down on us.  Or big concern was Emma’s patty.  It is just so delicate!

After we got her back in she went back out.

Grandma decided she could lay out for 5 more minutes but not without a white wash rag on her delicate patty.

photo 3

Wow, it actually worked.  She let Grandma do it!

photo 2

Five more minutes Shimlette and then you must come in!

photo 4

Whew….the patty was saved!

More wash rags later….Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

Youtube find of the day….Tobie gets her close up!

April 18th, 2012 - 11:11 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and close up lovers….I was sniffing around over at the Tube and saw this video that was uploaded 3 days ago.  Tobie was featured on her local Florida news station (Tampa) along with Suncoast Basset Hound Rescue.

She is adorable.  It is so nice when the local TV stations do spotlights like this.

Good Luck Tobie!

More loving belly ups later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

Sunday and the walkin’ is easy….

April 15th, 2012 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Sunday walkin’ lovers….

We had such a great walk today.  We had to find a place that was flat and shady for the comfort of the Mayor.  His elderly bones are now a consideration on every walk.  We have taken this walk before.  It is the Covington River Walk about 5 minutes from our home.

We all had a great time.  The kids were great and did not want to stop. We walked up this side street and around the corner.  The mansion across the street is FOR SALE!

Just a hound with a dream!!!

photo 2

As we strolled down the tree line path admiring the homes and the landscaping,

photo 2

we wound up at this park bench overlooking the mighty Ohio river.


This may have been the best part of the Mayor’s day.

photo 5

The people at the next bench were eating lunch.

Mamma had a few treats to take the edge off.

More loving Sunday easy walkin’ later….Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma

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