Day 11, 12, 13, and 14 – Stay at home aka #bassethoundtown. Days begin to merge

March 31st, 2020 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and taking notes lovers…I started taking notes a few days ago so I could keep a diary.  A blog is kinda like a diary.  Since the days are merging and not in a good way, I want to remember what went on in this epic time, like being scared you are going to die kind of way.  Hey the fear is real and if you think it is not, listen to the experts.  Yesterday Trumps experts (Brix and Fauci) claim death tolls could be in the hundreds of thousands.  These are numbers that are coming from the Trump administration yesterday, Day 14 – Monday March the 30th.  Totally not a beautiful thing and not a drummed up hoax.

Here goes…

Day 11 – Friday March the 27th – Chalk Art for bassethoundtown – definitely the highlight of the week for sure…My most excellent darling neighbors did this for me.  Just look at the DAISIES!!!  Wow – this really warmed my heart to no end.  I love those kids.  It also says, “have a nice day”…THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!

The only thing we do when leaving the house is Click List aka Kroger pick up…wondering if we should sanitize groceries – Only take what you need mentality, the food chain is fine (really)? Still no toilet paper ANYWHERE even with rations being implemented – the word ration becomes real.  Depression era people know what I mean.  I google what is the difference between a recession and a depression… “A recession is widespread economic decline that lasts for at least six months. A depression is a more severe decline that lasts for several years. For example, a recession lasts for 18 months, while the most recent depression lasted for a decade. There have been 33 recessions since 1854.” Why did I not know that?  I think a lot of people are going to be depressed.

Was today the day that Trump announced that the churches will be filled by Easter? No it was Wednesday March 25.  The message seems idiotic if you listen to the experts.  Howl many are in denial? I guess quite a few, the KY Gov ordered churches closed weeks ago and some are still hold in services.  Really? People also still think this is a virus that only affects the seniors.

Day 12 – Saturday March the 28th – did some back yard clean up – The sun was shining and it felt so good to be outside.  Planning to have our normal back yard welcome to Spring/Summer party soon which consists of Smash burgers, tater tots (extra for Daisy), whine (extra for me), and something sweet.  The news remains grim and the numbers are climbing.  Still watching our Gov every day at 5.  He is asking KY residents to light their homes green when there is a death from the virus.  I think I have some green lights. I have to look for those soon.  We want to show compassion.  Sure hope I don’t have to turn that light on too many time but I fear the worst.

Day 13 – Sunday March the 29th – BFF came over for a socially distant chat, Daisy Lynn was so confused.  I felt so sorry for her.  When BFF comes over we always have pizza!!!  Daisy was so wanting her pizza!!!  I really enjoyed our chat.  After she left and walked back home I heard all the bells ringing.  The KY governor (my rock) has told us all to ring our bells everyday at 10:00 so people who are doing the right thing by staying at home can feel connected.  We are to do this every day, not just Sundays.  I took out umbrellas for our back yard – Gorgeous day a bit chilly but we (Daisy Lynn and I) got some vitamin D. It was a bit too cold for Grandma.  I saw a CDC public service announcement running on a loop that I found oddly offensive and riddled with misleading information.

“Most at risk 65 and older with underlying conditions”. ( I can’t wait to revisit this pronouncement.) I would say that the most at risk are people who smoke, vape, get drunk and party on Spring Break.  They are most at risk also for stupidity and carelessness.  The gov of FL keeps his cash flowing as it is open season in FL.  Gee thanks for nothing.  With Governors like that who needs ventilators?  Oh, all of us and the govs must compete like they are on a season of The Apprentice!!!

The public service announcement continues…

“Avoid crowds – stay home if you can”.  (Notice the words “avoid” and “if you can”) Many people will take this as a signal to do whatever they want.  I see it every day.  Lowes is open as an essential business and the garden center is like a spring break party in FL.  Howl is that essential?

Wash your hands.  (Krogers has been out of hand soap refills for over 2 weeks now, but the food chain is fine:()

I think the public service announcement is giving false hope to SOME who read it.  It is all just words, meaningless words with a few signals thrown in to make the people who are going to do what they want to do feel better.  “Avoid” and “if you can” means Parties and who gives a bleep.  Spring break here we come.  FL is so screwed.  Avoid means NO I will not and if you can means DRUNKEN PARTIES.  Then they all come back to their homes because the colleges are closed and spread their stupidity to what the government calls the “most at risk”.  Meanwhile the “most at risk” are doing their part to isolate and avoid all the hung over idiots.  Can we see a vicious cycle here?  No one is on the same page.  It’s every state for themselves as governors are fighting for expired supplies.  Hey, it’s not only FL that is so screwed.

Oh, here is a fun highlight for the day!!!  I have a friend who teaches kindergarten and I contacted her to see if I could give each of her little stinkers a Lily Book!!!  She was thrilled and planned a lesson around the book and basset hounds as she remotely teaches from her home.  OMDOG!!!  I just love this.

Hopefully, I will do another blog posting about the lesson when I hear all about it!!!  Who would have ever thought Lily would be helping kids in a pandemic.  Wow…

Day 14 – Monday March the 30th – Face masks – not to wear or to wear? We are still pondering that question.  I will get back to ya.  Do not cross state lines issued by KY Governor – worked on my bills and phone calls to see who is offering reprievement due to the pandemic.  Pretty much everyone.  Interestingly, Duke Energy is the worst so far. Spectrum Cable is the best so far.  OH Gov extends school closing until May 1.  Miami University in OH sends out alert that remote learning may continue through the fall opening of school.  Dr. Fauci announces that a second outbreak could come in the fall.

Today seems especially like a turning point of heading into the pits of the pandemic or should I say the apex?  Field Hospitals are popping up like spring flowers and lets just hope they are not perennials.  Trump maybe listening to the experts which he considers himself one, and his proclamation of everyone rising from the shelter in place orders on Easter day and filling the pews was just a cruel folly to his base. He claims he was just being “aspirational”.  Meanwhile hundreds of millions will need to be aspirated with no means for that to happen, maybe they should just be aspirational.  The cruelty continues along with the absurdity – according to Trumps experts (Brix and Fauci) new death numbers projected in the hundreds of thousands.

So, so, so, all in all – still doing well in bassethoundtown.  Grandma, Daisy Lynn and I are keeping busy and following the rules.  Being our own best advocates and listening to our level headed Governor.  I know this posting is really long but I fell behind and tried to cram it in.  I have actually fallen behind on many blog postings over the past year and during this time of sheltering in place I hope to catch up completely.  But for now we shelter…and whine…

More not loving all of this later…but we carry on and do our level best to keep healthy!  Level and flat…just like the curve.  The flatter the better.  Just like a flat basset…Cat, Grandma, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB laying on really flat beautiful clouds;)



Day 10 – Stay at Home order…

March 28th, 2020 - 8:08 am KY Time

Howllow fellow basset hound and have a nice stay at home day!!!  That we certainly did…

Day 10.  Grandma, Daisy Lynn and I are really good at following the rules and we are also safety people.  I always say “safety first”.  My nephew, Julian still calls me the the safety woman which I am very proud of.  hehehe

Day 10 was Thursday, March the 26th.  We are trying to keep up a productive routine and it is pretty easy.  I work out of #bassethoundtown and still have various tasks to perform for my jobs.  I have always been good at having a work schedule so keeping up with it is very gratifying right now.  Grandma, Daisy Lynn and I have a back log of work to do for the Lily Book and for KY basset hound rescue so this has been a blessing.  Work that was once “we will get to it soon” to work that is “so happy we have it”!!!

“Get to work!”

We all keep up with the latest regarding the pandemic.  It has become very clear to us that it is every state for themselves.  The Governors are the state leaders and we have such a great Governor who is an inspirational leader.  That is what people crave right now.  Leadership.  A few years back I was reading about leadership and something stuck with me about this quality.  It was…“The number one quality of Leadership is keeping your people safe”.  Of course that was music to my ears.  Every night at 5pm we tune in for Leadership.  Governor Beshear starts and ends each hour with asking everyone to repeat after him…

“We are going to get through this.  We are going to get through this together.”

Be Kind For Everyone You Meet Is Fighting Their Own Battle…

#TeamKentucky, #TogetherKy, #HealthyatHome #Patriot

More loving being a good Patriot later…Cat, Grandma, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB laying on blue KY clouds…)

Day 9 Stay at home (aka #bassethoundtown) order…

March 25th, 2020 - 9:09 pm KY Time

Howllow Fellow basset hound and Day 9 lovers!!!  Day 9 seems like day 90…which is the age Grandma is going to be this year!!!  So, to those of you following all of the CDC guidelines I want to say “Thank You”.  It really means the world to us.

So, today… Let’s see…OK, what about today???  What day is it?  hahaha – Oh yes the day I got an e-mail alerting that Red Robin is going to start delivering to our neck of the woods!!!  OMGAWD!!!  Grandma was in my office when I read the e-mail out loud (screaming) and we both started dancing and clapping.  Oh the little juicy things in life… Don’t know if you have a Red Robin in your neck of the woods but we love their flame grilled burgers with jalapeno coins (fried jalapeno slices) that you load up on the burger.


Another reason to live!!!

OK, what else…

This is what else my fellow residents!!!  A genuine Lily Pulitzer Napkin Snood.  Grandma and I are working on getting this on ebay where 100% of the sale will be directly deposited into the KYbassethoundrescue account.

I will add the link when it is up but get this…you also get a free Lily Book, a free card and free shipping all for just 18 bucks.  Not to mention free feels for helping the homeless bassets!

Sorry, no juicy burger comes with it!

Stay well, stay safe, stay home, and 6′ apart if you are out to the essential places.

Nice form fellow shopper – nice form…

More loving the human spirit later…Cat, Grandma, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB ordering rainbow robin burgers…)


Day 8 KY stay at home order…

March 24th, 2020 - 8:08 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Day 8 lovers.  Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.  I tell you what really helps is a pep talk at 5pm every day.  Governor Beshear has gone viral on social media with his daily briefings and folks are going wild in the meme department.  They are just so funny and cute.  Sometimes the world falls in love collectively and I think it is happening with Andy.

One more –

I belong to the facebook meme page that is a support page for our Governor and his staff.

OK, one more…

Soooooo…other than Andy…what did we do today???  I finally got that hall closet door knob back on!!!  Yipeeeeeeeeee – only took about a year to accomplish that…and a pandemic!!!

Kidding aside – I am so blessed I do have work to do and I am getting a partial pay check and we are still doing rescue work in KY including social distancing.  Very blessed indeed.

Oh, and I actually made my bed…

She does not, not, not like a made bed.  OK whatever…

More loving blessed feelings later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, Grandma, (Chaps and Emma ATB gazing down on Andy;)


My OLD KY stay at HOME – ordered by Governor Bashear (love him:)

March 23rd, 2020 - 2:02 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Stay At Home order haters…Well, we are all haters of this order but we all must do our part to #flattenthecurve – Grandma, Daisy Lynn and I sure are doing our part.  This is day 1 of the order…

but we have been staying at home for 7 days now.  We learned on March the 16th that our Governor was shutting down all of the restaurants so we went from looking for toilet paper (none) to lunch at our local Mexican joint.  A margarita was certainly in order.

As you can see we ordered lots of extra so we could freeze some and have a Mexican party at some point in the flattening process.  This is going to be hard folks but we can do it.  I am a huge home body so it might be easier on some like me.  I have Grandma and Daisy Lynn.  I also have Governor Andy Beshear – who would have ever thought that a 5:00pm pandemic briefing would be the highlight of my day (swoon) – I don’t think it is a coincidence this is scheduled for happy hour every day.  Booze with Beshear has not only become a KY favorite but a national obsession, according to a few gals around the country.

See what I mean?  Anyway – what ever gets ya though the flattening.

I am going to try hard to do a post every day reporting from #bassethoundtown #kybassethoundrescue with some musings about the pandemic.  Gawd – who would ever think that I would be blogging about a freaking pandemic.

Howl many more hours til Andy?

More loving our Governor later…Love, Cat, Daisy Lynn, Grandma, (Chaps and Emma ATB laying on toilet paper clouds)…


Mamma what is social distancing?

March 7th, 2020 - 3:03 pm KY Time

Howllow Fellow Basset Hound and social distancing WHAT???  I guess that is the new not meant to be scary term for sheltering in place, right?

“Mamma what is social distancing?”

I guess it could mean napping and stocking up on supplies aka wine;)

Well, the first case of The Corona hit Kentucky yesterday and the facebook feeds were in a frenzy.  It is scary and I was scared before The Corona.  Everywhere you go there are people coughing and sneezing into the air and into their hands it is so gross.  Who does that anymore?

I basically socially distance myself all winter long from these disease ridden places aka grocery stores.

I would pay 10 dollars instead of 5 to have someone put my groceries into the basset hauling vehicle.  Hopefully, they didn’t sneeze on my stuff!

Yes, I ordered extra dog food, dog treats and toilet paper for the love of dog!!!

OK, scoot over and lets take a nap and continue the social distancing.  hahaha

More loving a warm hound later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB social distancing from the sneezing angels…)