My OLD KY stay at HOME – ordered by Governor Bashear (love him:)

March 23rd, 2020 - 2:02 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Stay At Home order haters…Well, we are all haters of this order but we all must do our part to #flattenthecurve – Grandma, Daisy Lynn and I sure are doing our part.  This is day 1 of the order…

but we have been staying at home for 7 days now.  We learned on March the 16th that our Governor was shutting down all of the restaurants so we went from looking for toilet paper (none) to lunch at our local Mexican joint.  A margarita was certainly in order.

As you can see we ordered lots of extra so we could freeze some and have a Mexican party at some point in the flattening process.  This is going to be hard folks but we can do it.  I am a huge home body so it might be easier on some like me.  I have Grandma and Daisy Lynn.  I also have Governor Andy Beshear – who would have ever thought that a 5:00pm pandemic briefing would be the highlight of my day (swoon) – I don’t think it is a coincidence this is scheduled for happy hour every day.  Booze with Beshear has not only become a KY favorite but a national obsession, according to a few gals around the country.

See what I mean?  Anyway – what ever gets ya though the flattening.

I am going to try hard to do a post every day reporting from #bassethoundtown #kybassethoundrescue with some musings about the pandemic.  Gawd – who would ever think that I would be blogging about a freaking pandemic.

Howl many more hours til Andy?

More loving our Governor later…Love, Cat, Daisy Lynn, Grandma, (Chaps and Emma ATB laying on toilet paper clouds)…


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