January 18th, 2007 - 12:12 pm KY Time



WOW! check out the new pictures of Sheldon and his family. Sheldon’s Dad, Bill, just sent this over to

Bill writes,

The second picture shows John and Jack dressed alike and Thomas and Sheldon in their jackets. Hmm…dogs and their owners really do look alike!

And I might add, a good looking bunch! More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma


January 18th, 2007 - 1:01 am KY Time



Howllo fellow hound lovers! Well, Sheldon’s time has finally come! Sheldon gets a forever home! has been tracking Sheldon since the Georgia Bash back in October of 2006. Lisa and I picked him up at Furry Friends the night before the bash and took him to the pizza party. We instantly fell in love with him. Sheldon’s wait was worth it. His new family lives in Albany. Sheldon’s new Dad, William writes 1-15-07,

Look at Sheldon’s human kids and Jack his basset brother!

“Woof! I was a stray hound in Cobb County, Georgia looking for my forever home. I had lots of adventures along the way. I was picked up by animal control and turned over to the Basset Hound Rescue of Georgia. They have an annual party in October called the Basset Bash. I met a very special lady at the Bash named Cathy L. Rudert who wrote a book called Lily A Basset Hound’s Tail of Love. She took me to the Bash and made a movie that featured me. I gained quite a fan base from all over the world! It took about three months to find my forever home (not just any would do!). Now I live with a basset buddy named Jackson Beauregard Lee. I also have two human brothers and a family that loves me very much. -woof”

Sheldon has a blog on

I will show you his first entry, which is very touching. I will add the link at the end of the entry.
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Big Day

Sunday, January 14, 2007 was my big day! It was the day that I was to meet my new family. To tell you the truth, I was about to get tired of all the auditions. It gets pretty stressfull to be seen by loads of folks, just to be left behind time after time. My foster mom, Beth, said that we were going to meet yet another family. woof.

We arrived at the Petsmart and sat outside on the sidewalk. This wasn’t the usual adoption day. Where were all the others? Hey, where was this new family?

Just as I was about to give up, they came from inside the store. They had been there all along!

I gave them the grumble test right off the bat, especially since they brought their “other” dog with them. Guess I passed the test because it wasn’t long after that when they loaded me into the ol’ mini van, and we set out for Southwest Georgia! My dream of finding a forever home was finally coming true!!

I still have a grumble or two for my new found basset brother, but I just adore him as well as the rest of the family! Every dog has his day, and this one was mine!!

Also, I will be updating my blog for years to come with Sheldon updates. He is my cyber kid and his family has agreed to let me stalk them! LOL! Last but not least, Sheldon has his own album in the gallery section. Keep us posted Sheldon!


January 17th, 2007 - 9:09 am KY Time

Howllo fellow hound lovers, Cat here, reporting in with breaking news! I just got the following e-mail from Franklin’s Dad!

Got your e-mail and thanks again for the call. “Spent alot of time on the phone today. I put a couple pictures of Franklin in the mail to you on the way home from the barbershop. I hope other states follow Ohio’s new pet policy now and the beauticians will have to get their board to change to just like the barbers did. I am so glad I stood up for all those 21,000 beauty shops and 3,200 barbershops in Ohio and Franklin sure is a hero now and he has earned it. Alot of photos of him and I think now since he is famous he wants steak for supper instead of dog food. What a pet ?? Looking forward to meeting you some day and maybe you dogs too.

All the money that has been raised I am donating to ChildReach Ministries Box 485, Canal Fulton, Ohio They run and support 3 ophanages and a home for unwed mothers in South America. A great cause for Franklin to be involved in. He loves all my customers and kids. Have a great week. Matt the barber and Franklin



“I love him,” Schwendiman said. “I haven’t met anyone who comes in here who doesn’t like Franklin. He just gets along with everybody.”

But the 4-year-old dog was kicked out about a year ago when an inspector for the Ohio State Barber Board told Schwendiman that animals are not allowed.

During a 10-month exile to the barber’s home, Franklin just didn’t seem happy.

At my house, he scratched my window sills up,” Schwendiman said. “When I’d leave, he would look out the picture window. He wanted to go to the barbershop.”

But after a local newspaper tapped into Franklin’s situation, Republican state Sen. Kirk Schuring of Canton wanted to find out why dogs and other pets, under certain circumstances, are allowed in nursing homes and hospitals but not a barbershop.

Schwendiman said his dog put his customers, especially children, at ease.

Schuring and Howard Warner, executive director of the state’s regulation board for barbers, crafted rules last year that allow one animal, which must belong to the shop’s owner. A veterinarian must attest to the animal’s health, and the owner must obtain liability insurance.

A photograph of the animal must be sent to the state and posted at the barbershop.

Warner said that some other states, such as Montana, Florida and California, have such pet therapy rules that would pertain to barbershops.

“There is no reason why in our civilization today these adjustments can’t be made,” Warner said. Schwendiman’s request was approved Dec. 5.

“He’s a great dog,” said Schwendiman, who has cut hair for almost 40 years. “He’s just so passive. He makes you relaxed; he reminds me of myself when I’m home sleeping.”

Emma snubbed at the Golden Globes

January 16th, 2007 - 8:08 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound Lovers:

The film production that Emma starred in, Hound Zhivago, was snubbed last night at the Golden Globes. Even though Emma was not nominated for best actress in a drama, she still held out hope the fans would find her justice. Merrel Streep? Well her dress did look alot like Emma’s, but not as good of fit. Emma is still holding out hope for the Oscars. We think she can do it. What do you think? More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

Emma thinks the new neighbor, a Maltese, is her toy!

January 14th, 2007 - 11:11 pm KY Time

Howllo fellow hound lovers: We may have an issue. Our neighbor got a maltese for Christmas. Emma thinks it is one of her toys. She does a scream howl every time Beauxreguard come out to potty train. Beauxreguard just wants to run back inside. He is very fetching in his mini red sweater. His Mom tends to glare in our direction. Try as I may, Emma will not give up the scream howl, ghost. Maybe I should get her a big red sweater? Suggestions?


Beauxreguard’s sweater would fit on Chaps’ paw!

More Later….Cat, Chaps and Emma

Hound on the way to the pound finds new home!

January 14th, 2007 - 6:06 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound Lovers! I received an e-mail yesterday from Susie, about this fellow. His name is Ernie. He was rescued by her family and was headed for the pound!

Well, Ernie was a bit surprised to find a nine month old Abby already firmly placed in everyone’s heart!


He was confused!!! What do you mean, I have a little sister??? I thought this was all about ME, ME, ME!!!


Well, she is kinda cute, and she REALLY LIKES ME, ME, ME!!! I guess she’s OK!

We can’t wait to hear more. Keep us posted Susie!

More Later…Cat, Chaps and Emma

Rome just checks in!

January 12th, 2007 - 11:11 pm KY Time

Dear Justina! We are so honored to have you add your art work. Please send pictures of your hound/hounds as well. We are so honored to have Rome Italy add art work. It is fantastic and bassetabulous!

Have some Friday night fun!

January 12th, 2007 - 6:06 pm KY Time

A friend of mine had this on his blog a while back and I saved it. Click on the link and have some fun.

If you send me your picture I will post it in the gallery. I could not figure out how to save it, so I just took a digital picture of my art work. I call it





Thanks Larry Sr.! Hope to see more on your blog, Bongo’s House, very soon! We miss you.


January 12th, 2007 - 10:10 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound Lovers: You really must see the membership badge for Chaps and Emma’s Fanny Club. You will carry it with pride in your wallet or just wear it around your neck like a back stage pass. No one will think it is odd, I am sure of it. If you do not want to send your e-mail via my hosting site. Just send me an e-mail, at with FANNY CLUB in the subject line. We will get your badge right out to you. If you want one that is laminated please give me your address. More Later….Cat, Chaps and Emma


Wow, check out this e-mail!

January 11th, 2007 - 9:09 pm KY Time

Message from Faye:
Hi…I found your site purely by accident. I saw a video on YouTube and found my way here. I also have one of Marty Mays’ success stories. Her name is Dixie and she was also paralyzed when found. Marty had her for a year and a half, working with her back legs on the walker she created. I have a few pictures from that time period (before I adopted her) and some current video of her racing through my home. This dog is an angel and so is Marty. She does great things.

I just wanted to say Hi. Great website!

Indialantic, Florida

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