My name is Molly and that I am 8 years old.

March 25th, 2007 - 9:09 am KY Time


Originating at Fresno SPCA, I was saved due to a phone call to BaRNI –
As I was Owner Surrendered to the shelter, the rescue folks know my name is Molly and that I am 8 years old.
I had many lumps and bumps which had to be removed, and my teeth were Sooooooo bad – the vet man stopped counting after removing 10 teeth (which is really wonderful because that means he also doesn’t charge for the extra teeth after he stops counting). Hasn’t slowed me up a bit – my teeth feel GREAT now and I have kissable fresh breath!!

Therefore, I am the PERFECT canidate for the Senior Center Dental Hygenist.
I can tell all the hounds what to avoid in order to keep their teeth…. (clearing throat) – And Mr. Stretch – Jelly Beans would be one of the things to avoid there my dear!

Come rub my belly and marvel at my toothlessness….
Molly 8 years young
BaRNI Hound at Daphneyland
Senior Center Dental Awareness Campaign Leader

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