has a Poet Laureate!

April 27th, 2007 - 11:11 am KY Time

Howllo fellow hound lovers: Chaps has chosen a Poet Laureate for our town. His name is
Mr. Ken Johnson. Ken is a basset hound lover who is owned by Buster and Lemon Drop. He is a FL, resident and avid volunteer for SunCoast Basset Hound Rescue. Ken is also a member of the Chaps and Emma fanny club. Buster and Lemon Drop are the Co-Presidents of the fanny club. For those of you who do not know what a Poet Laureate is, I have provided the Wikipedia defination for you learning pleasure.


Here is Ken’s tribute to! We are so honored to have such a wonderful person in our town. Thank you Ken. We will be featuring many more poems in the future.

We love you. Cat, Chaps and Emma

Our Town By ken Johnson

Come visit our Town in cyber space

A Town dedicated to the Basset race

Mayor Chaps will greet you and welcome you in

A signpost will show you where the tour will begin

First we stop at the Main St. Boutique

Where you’ll find the souvenirs you seek

There are collars, cards and picture frame art

So much to choose from, Where do you start?

The next stop we make be sure and look

I’m Certain you’ll find the Lily Book

It’s such a Treasure, A real find,

With a story and pictures that will blow your mind

Then the Town Crier will tell you where to find our Blog,

With everything from rescue to Bob the Dog

Next you’ll find great videos from A to Z

Look at em all with never a fee

We have public appearances and an organizational chart

And after a little wisenheimer wisdom you’ll know where to start

If not ask Julian about the gallery Art

There’s photo’s of Hounds, People and more

That cover the place from ceiling to floor

Then after we stop to check out the link

It’s back home and a rest we think


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