A VERY important message from Dawn of the West at BaRNI

June 23rd, 2007 - 8:08 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound Lovers: I received this reality e-mail message this morning from Dawn of, BarNI at Daphneyland. She speaks from such solid experience. Dawn mentions to check for the closest rescue via my links page.


Here is Dawni message, thank you so much for shining the light on this sad, sad reality. P.S. Another reason to send me a buck! Go to Lily’s basset bucks under categories and watch my Vlog. It is a couple blogs down. Cat


Here is Dawn’s Message

As we near the Holiday – that Holiday being the 4th of July – we fear that California may be in for heartache this year.

Notoriously all rescue groups face a huge influx in June and esp. in July.
As sad as it is to read, here is the reality of rescue…..
Christmas puppy gifts are now nearing the year old mark, when they are really obnoxious, families are planning vacations, back yard entertainment and moving before the new school year – its officially dump your dog month. Whereas you and I will never understand this theory – it is a fact of life for rescue groups and shelters.

Without further ado…. calling all hound owners no matter where you live – PLEASE FOSTER A HOUND FOR THE MONTH OF JULY.

If you don’t know who your local rescue group is, check the rescue links on the drool or at www.bassethoundrescue.com (go to her links page)
For CALIFORNIA hound lovers…..
No matter where in the state you live, there is a local rescue group. We would be happy to refer you to your closest group, don’t be shy! Daphneyland is as of this moment at 100 hounds. That is our maximum.
Adoptions have been picking up and we had 9 hounds go home in the last week, but 9 more had to come in – and the list continues. Right this moment in Southern California shelters there are 8 hounds waiting. Waiting for a clock to tick off their time – will a home be found before that 96 hours ticks down? Is all that is waiting for these hounds at the end of 96 hours a needle ? We have an OTI list pending. And today a call came in with a family of -3- hounds (they make such CUTE babies we were told – ages 2, 3 and 4). And So Cal is not alone.
Every rescue group needs your help as a foster parent, even if only for a few weeks. Make July the official Foster a Hound Month. If you are interested in fostering in the So Cal area, please drop Becky an email: minniebunnie@yahoo.com

Give it a try – I cannot promise that you too won’t end up on the side of a mountain with 100 hounds, but it WILL take a while before you become as insane as we are.

Dawn of the West
Daphneyland – home of 100 hounds.
Including Ralph – who is gaining weight by leaps and bounds, is teething heaven help us (he’s pulled up -3- trees and brought them to me – what a guy!) and may be neutered next week at his vet appointment…….

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