The Rochelle 19

October 30th, 2007 - 1:01 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Hound and GABR Lovers: This is a note from Larry Little regarding the animal hoarding situation that developed in Rochelle, IL.


The last ten days have been very long for the volunteers at TAILS Humane Society in De Kalb, Illinois. That is when they were asked to help with an animal hoarding situation that had developed in Rochelle, Illinois. It has been determined that this is now one of the two worst such cases in Illinois history.

The numbers alone were staggering – over 150 purebred cats, over 100 dogs and 30 birds. All of the animals were purebreds. And there are Bassets – nineteen of them!

I will not go into all the details here. You can do a Google search for “Rochelle, IL animal hoarder” and you’ll find all the information that you need.

Adopt One (or two!) Of The Rochelle Nineteen

None of them are heartworm positive! That is truly a miracle. As you can imagine, all of these Bassets are at the vet getting a total checkup as they prepare themselves for a life they never imagined – a life in a wonderful GABR home!

We anticipate that there will be a very great interest in these Bassets so you’ll need to get your application in to us immediately. As always, if you’ve already been approved as an adopter, you can simply email us and let us know that you’re interested. Someone will be in touch with you right away.

Please remember that these dogs haven’t been in a foster home yet. Even though they may have had no accidents so far, that may not be the case for a while. They’ve been through a lot so if you’re lucky enough to adopt one, give them some time to adjust.

If you’d just like to help out with the costs involved with these dogs, you can contribute here. These dogs will be forever grateful.

Now – would you like to see all of the Rochelle Nineteen? Just click on the link to see these very beautiful Bassets.

These situations are what we prepare for at Guardian Angel Basset Rescue. Now we can hardly wait to see these dogs placed in a perfect home.


Larry Little
Guardian Angel Basset Rescue


  1. Kip and Gus
    November 1st, 2007 | 7:39 am

    Unbelievable! GABR, you are the best!!
    Kip and Gus

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