Emma home from prosthetic eye surgery 3-24-07

February 26th, 2008 - 6:06 pm KY Time

Emma here pawing in about my prosthetic eye implant on the right side!

Of course it is pelting rain and Emma has had the worst surgical report the surgeon has ever had in his career. All I want is a drink. This is just too much to handle. I do not want to see Emma in this condition at 2 years old. Well, regardless, it does not matter what I want.

Emma has her fake eye and we are on our way home. She is groggy. My main concern is getting her inside my home from the car. I cannot carry her. She weighs 63 pounds. Thank goodness she can walk.

My advise, if you are a single person who cannot carry your hound, enlist help.

My Mom was with me every step of the way and my Dad was sitting with Chaps. Emma made her way into our home up 8 steps. We stopped off first to go potty. This is very important.

She was so groggy and I cannot tell you how proud I was of her. This is a a major surgery.

If you have kids or other animals make sure they are quite. When your hound enters the home make sure your kids and other animals are sitting quite or are in other rooms. This first night of rest is so important. Emma slept through the night!
A hound that has this type of surgery needs peace and quite.

You can lay with your hound which is what I did. Remember, this is a family member. Tell everyone to be calm and sweet. This will pay off in the future of this hound re-acclimating.

In most cases your hound will be wearing a cone. For some reason my Opthalmologist did not think she needed one. I thought that was odd. Looking back, I cannot believe she did not scratch it! My Mom and I sat with her around the clock however. I would suggest your hound wear an e-collar because most people are not as fortunate as myself and work out of your home with your sweet Mom and Dad living right upstairs.

Emma did much better recovering from this surgery than she did with the eye removal surgery she eventually got in her left eye one year later. (Enucleation)

Emma’s breeders, BoBac Bassets, paid for both surgeries.

The enucleation did require a cone and it was a must. It was very itchy. We will get into that in our enucleation blogs.

More from our Emma, blind but not without INSIGHT!

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