Belle and Bailey report their ear stats……

June 28th, 2009 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Official Ear Length Lovers: Bailey and Belle’s Mom, Debra recorded the event and now these two are a part of history!

Here they are prior to the “event”! That is Belle on the left and Bailey on the right.


First off Belle was up to bat! She states,

“My roomate Bailey is making me do this. As you can see by the picture I am not real thrilled about getting my ears messed up. I’ve got better things to do than sit here and be harassed like this.”


Belle rings in at a sweet 7” long. Belle isn’t real happy, but she doesn’t get real excited about anything except napping with mom, states Bailey!

Next up to bat is Bailey! She is a bit bigger in the ear department!

Bailey states:

“My ears are floppy and heavy, measuring 9-1/2″ inches. I was so good during the process. I didn’t even try to eat the tape measure!!!!”


Very impressive for a one eyed wonder!

Bailey’s Mom states,

“She lost her eye May 2008. We have been using Timirol eyedrops in her sighted eye ever since then. Last week we had a scare with her good eye becoming very red and tearing. They tested it and believe she had a pressure spike, but didn’t cause any additional damage. They prescribed Trusopt eyedrops in addition to the Timirol.
We are receiving top notch care from the Michigan State University Hospital in Lansing, Michigan. I understand they are one of the top teaching hospitals in the USA.

I have owned bassets most of my life.

Losing one eye didn’t really affect Bailey (she can still catch a treat in mid-air). So I am hoping if she loses her other eye she will still be able to enjoy life.

Debra, thank you so much for sending in these bassetabulous ear stats. Belle and Bailey are now a part of history. Bailey is such a trooper. I wish I could catch a treat mid air! How cute is Belle? Gotta love that name.

I know everyone will enjoy these pictures and their official measurements!

More stats later………Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma – the keeper of the records!

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