Kentucky Beauty Crowned Miss World!!!!

October 31st, 2010 - 10:10 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Miss World Lovers……Last night in China, a rare beauty from Kentucky was crowned Miss World! She was also crowned Miss Congeniality along with winning the fasting eating contest! Her talent was just as world class as she wowed the crowd with her operatic howling in true diva fashion!

Basset Hound Town Residents may I present your new Miss World!


Not to be confused with what’s her face….Also, from Kentucky…..

China Miss World

More catering to the real Miss World later…..Love, Cat, Chaps and Emma


  1. Cindy, Jethro, Rugs, Oz and Harriet
    October 31st, 2010 | 11:35 am

    Emma Rudert is definitely prettier and more deserving of the title. But, congrats to whats her name from Kentucky for the Miss World Crown!

  2. October 31st, 2010 | 12:18 pm

    I find it interesting in an odd sort of way that an 18 year old won Miss World? 18? Anyway, I love that people are thinking? KY? LOL!

  3. Candy and Bailey
    October 31st, 2010 | 1:21 pm

    Ok Emma – now on to the Miss Universe pagent. You are a shoo-in.

  4. Mary
    October 31st, 2010 | 7:12 pm

    Oh Candy,

    I think you are right. Emma could be Miss Universe too! I don’t think anyone else has won both and she is sooooo beautiful and talented, she can do it!

  5. Maureen and Slinky
    November 1st, 2010 | 10:49 am

    Emma has so much style, mystery and mystique she would win any contest. No one else should even bother to compete.

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