YouTube find of the day!

November 19th, 2013 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Big Daddy Lovers…Wow, I have not been on YouTube for such a long time.  I miss making videos.

This one is very cute.

More loving that big guy later…Cat, Daisy Lynn (Chaps and Emma ATB watching rainbow tubes)


  1. November 19th, 2013 | 10:03 pm

    What a wonderful video! It’s always so sweet to see the big, strong daddy show his softer, playful side.

  2. Cat
    November 19th, 2013 | 11:18 pm

    Denise – I agree! That puppy pawing his nose was priceless…

  3. Melynda
    November 20th, 2013 | 12:42 am

    Awwwwww snifffffff

  4. Cindy, Jethro, Oz and Harriet
    November 20th, 2013 | 9:38 am

    Those pups looked to be barely 3 weeks old. Poor things were slipping and slidding on that tile. Daddy was being a real good boy but he seemed to be losing his patience toward the end. But, the puppies were so very cute and innocent and Daddy did wonderful. Loved the kisses that one pup was giving Daddy. Makes me want a puppy again!

  5. Maureen Halleran
    November 20th, 2013 | 12:15 pm

    These puppies look about 6 weeks old, and I think they are wondering if their ears will ever get as big as their Daddy’s. Daddy looks quite sage, and is wondering why he doesn’t have this much energy.

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