This is where I want to be right now!

August 17th, 2015 - 10:10 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and want to be here right now lovers…

This fine fellow is spending himz day at the beach somewhere in Europe!  Himz a facebook friend so I really don’t know because the post is in German…


Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh cool, cool sea water!  I can smell the salty wet hound from here!

Speaking of “here” this is a pretty cool place to be as well…

Right in ole bassethoundtown!  Yes, we have our own tropical flare right down the street from us!  LOL!


More loving right here right now later…Cat, Daisy Lynn (Chaps and Emma ATB laying on rainbow beach towels…)


  1. Maureen Halleran
    August 17th, 2015 | 12:31 pm

    I love the beautiful picture you have on the front page of the website. It’s so relaxing to look at.

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