Power Packed Puppy Picture Post with her Regal Older Sister…

September 21st, 2015 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and House Guest Lovers…Grandma and I had 2 very special hounds spend the night recently.  ABBY AND PUPPY ANNIE! 

Grandma and I went over to Judy’s home to pick up the girls.  This is Abby.  She is 13 years old and we ADORE her.


We loaded both girls up and headed down to Kroger’s drug store drive through.  And you won’t believe this.  Fireman Matt of the bassethoundtown walking club saw us and ran over to say HI!  He had been itchin’ to meet Annie and that moment was his lucky day!  We could not believe it!  Look at that dazzling smile!  He was in love with our Annie.  Queen Abby was quite happy to stay in the basset hauling vehicle!


So, then it was time to set up shop.  We kept the Alessandro girls in the sun room away from Daisy Lynn for the most part.  They can visit between the gate but Abby was nervous and there is absolutely no need to stress her out.

She had a direct pathway to the ladies room and I had a drapery screen up so she could go in and out at her own choosing.  She thought that was quite grand indeed!


Then the belly rubbing commenced…

note…this picture was taken at Judy’s but Abby was in full belly rubbing mode most of the day.  Grandma was on the job for hours.  So cute…


Not to be left out…

Annie is learning what it is like to have a bassethoundtown Grandma…

me, me, me, me, me!!!


Then I had a light bulb moment…Puppy in puppy snoods???  Why the heck not?  I had access to a real live basset puppy with ears that badly need a snood!


This little 12 week old girl can’t walk without stepping on her ears!

This is a puppy prototype I am working on. As you can see I have the human snood version on!  I think we are very fetching!


Here is the pink prototype.  You can’t tell but this has a huge shine to it.  Shiny adornments on pink velvet.  STUNNING!


Then it was back to biting my knee!


Ahhhhhhhhhhhh…so much fun! Who needs 2 knees anyway?

More loving love later…Cat, Daisy Lynn (Chaps and Emma ATB waiting for a rainbow snood…;)



  1. Monnie Tingle
    September 21st, 2015 | 10:55 pm

    What an absolutely adorable little girl and your pink roses are very pretty.

  2. karen mcdonough
    September 22nd, 2015 | 9:54 am

    I was so enthralled with adorable Annie that I missed your beautiful roses!!
    I had to turn back to see them!!
    They are spectacular!!
    Annie is sooooooooo cute! I just love her to pieces 😉

  3. Maureen Halleran
    September 22nd, 2015 | 10:41 am

    Basset Hound Town is the most comfortable place on earth.

    Singer thinks those snoods are soooo classy and chic. You should go on Project Runway.

  4. Hilary
    September 22nd, 2015 | 12:07 pm

    Love the pink snood with the pink roses! Such sweet girls.

  5. Cat
    September 22nd, 2015 | 3:03 pm

    Karen – It was so odd about those roses. They are knock out roses and Judy bought me that bush in memory of Emma. Her bush actually bloomed 3 times this season. Very cool. I know Emma was smiling down on us…

  6. Judy, Abby, Annie & Bumper ATB
    September 22nd, 2015 | 7:47 pm

    We cannot thank you enough for taking care of our precious babies when we were out of town. there is no one that I would rather have left them with than you and grandma. I know that they were loved, spoiled and taken care of like they were a Queen and Princess. Abby has never been away from home overnight without us before and I am so glad that they were good. They love their Aunt Cat and Grandma !!

  7. Marsie
    September 27th, 2015 | 12:27 pm

    Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive! I just saw this for the first time! If I had known, I would have broken in if necessary to get to the cuteness! 😉 xoxoxo

  8. Marsie
    September 27th, 2015 | 12:28 pm

    P.S. I still have the cookie jar from Grand Paw in the back of my car! xoxo

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