Harriet Doyle Rescued: May 5, 2008 Deceased: June 13, 2016

June 19th, 2016 - 8:08 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Harriet Doyle Lovers…

We lost another great from bassethoundtown.  Harriet went over the bridge to join the rest of her hound pack.  She was rescued by the Doyles, Cindy and Ronald who gave her the life she deserved.  They let her blossom on her own and then reaped the rewards of her love.  Harriet was a pretty hound and I always loved seeing her in her bath robe after her Mommy scrubbed her up…


Harriet also represented with an impressive ear length submitted to bassethoundtown sub-blog that records these very important statistics.  (Her bro Jethro still stands as the record holder at an impressive 10” and 1/4;)


Harriet was a long time loyal resident of bassethoundtown.  She leaves a hole in our town but her memory will never be forgotten.  Dog Speed Harriet, dog speed…

Harriet Doyle

Rescued:     May 5, 2008
Deceased:   June 13, 2016

Obituary written by her Mommy – Cindy Doyle…

Harriet was our 10th foster hound from Basset Buddies Rescue of Texas and came to us as bonded with Ozzie, (on right).


Harriet obviously belonged to a backyard breeder and was abused.  She didn’t trust human or hound and could not be in a house with children.  We could not get her adopted out because she would not let anyone near her.  In the meantime, she finally started trusting Ronald and I and her little personality opened up and we just loved her.



So, we decided to adopt her along with her bonded mate Ozzie. We didn’t think she was bonded with Oz as they didn’t act close at all. (Oz on left)


But after Oz’s passing last month she was not herself and seemed very depressed.


June 13th she bloated on us and we could not send her through major surgery at her age.  So we petted her and kissed her softly as she went to see Ozzie and the whole crew at the rainbow bridge.

(Here is Cindy giving the pack licks off the beaters after making dog treats:)


Harriet leaves behind only Ronald and I.  She was our last hound and our hearts are too broken to take on another at this time.


We plan on getting another dog when the time is right.

She is preceded in death by her 3 brothers, Rugby, Jethro and Ozzie.


End of obit…

The paws that marched right into the hearts of the Doyles and others who loved her…


More loving Harriet later…now a cherished member of the bassethoundtown section of the rainbow bridge where hounds turns right and then head to the third cloud to the north where the Chaps, the Mayor of the bridge waits.

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