Cincinnati River Walk at Smale Park – 4 paws up!

July 31st, 2016 - 12:12 pm KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and River Walk Lovers…Just about 5 minutes from bassethoundtown’s main location is this wonderful way to spend a day or a weekend.  We are so lucky to have this so close.

Cincinnati River Walk at Smale Park Walking Tour Map…

We started out right here, across from a 5 dollar parking lot.  You can see that wide, flat walking path right behind me.  It goes on for miles.


We love to walk but yesterday was too hot to go too far and we are never ones to push ourselves or be in a hurry!  LOL – I tell most folks who ask about basset hounds that they are great family dogs.  They are loving, kind, and safe.  I also say, “if you get a basset hound you can’t be in a hurry.  You have to take life with a slow paced stride and believe you me you will be better for it.”

So we found a cool place to stop and rest with all the other kids!  This cool mist come right up from vents in this little, quaint setting.


Daisy Lynn seemed to love it.  The kids (and kids at heart) sure loved her.  I would consider our Mayor one of the main attractions yesterday.  I could not even count the smiles we gathered up…


What a wonderful way to take a Saturday stroll.  We adore strolling.

And we adore swinging…


After our misting session we strolled down to the huge porch swings.  Yes, this is the front porch of Cincinnati.  Take a river boat or ride a bike and come swing.


There are about 40 or more swings.  The positive energy in this area is palpable.


Another good reason to have a basset hound is they fit under the swings!  hehehehe


A grand time was had by all on our front porch…


More loving strolling and swinging later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB misting in the rainbow cooling station…)


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