The Lily Book Tour heads to Charleston, South Carolina! Blog 1 of 3

May 17th, 2018 - 6:06 pm KY Time

Howllow Fellow Basset Hound and continuing on with the Lily Book Tour – tour lovers!  Saint Augustine, FL to Charleston, South Carolina is our next adventure.  We have been having so much along the way and still so much fun yet to come.  It has been about a year since this tour and we are getting ready to take another one but I will save that for later.

I did all of my research on the historic city and picked the John Rutledge House Inn as our next treat.  Wow, we have stayed in some really cool places and the John Rutledge House Inn was just out of this world!!!

Can you believe this staircase?  Wow – the flowers were in full bloom and it was breathtaking.  This place is rated as one of the best Inns in the city.


Daisy Lynn is resting her belly on the cool steps.  Silly hound dog…


It almost took as long to research this trip as it did to take it.  Traveling with a dog I found out is much more enjoyable if you do your homework.  Proper Prior Planning for sure!  The John Rutledge has carriage houses behind the main house that are dog friendly.  We all loved the carriage house and would have picked them over the main house we think.  Not for sure but we sure loved our rooms.

Right around from the JRH Inn I had dinner reservations booked at 82 Queen.  What a gorgeous summer evening for a stroll to one of the most elegant dining experiences in Charleston.  The she crab soup is famous and has a link to the JRH Inn.  We were told that the soup is from the 1880s recipe of the head cook at the JRH Inn!!!  Wow…

82 Queen


If you can possibly swing it make sure you sit outside with or without a dog.  OMDOG!!!  Amazing ambience as the twinkle lights come on under the massive magnolia tree.  Charleston, SC at it finest.  Just magic.


One happy Grandma after downing the best she crab soup in the world!


I tried to make it but it did not match 82 Queen.  Must have tasted better under that giant magnolia tree.  I can’t wait to go back.


We took a relaxing saunter back to the JRH Inn and just took it all in.  The horses lilting by with a slow pace.  People laughing and sitting a spell.  I just don’t want to forget a single thing.

This is our courtyard and our carriage house is right behind me on the left.

IMG_9918 IMG_9916

The only downside was that there was not a nice place to potty Daisy Lynn out.  I had to go out the back gate over to a Church grassy area.  I did not like that but whatcha gonna do?  It is what it is.

Tonight we had extra chocolates on the pillow and a breakfast menu to hang on our doors.  Tomorrow holds a full day of soaking in Charleston and we need a good nights sleep…

And sweet dreams of breakfast delivered to our doors.

Extra bacon please…


Did someone say, “private dog friendly carriage ride?”

More loving proper prior planning later…Cat, Grandma, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB enjoying massive rainbow magnolia trees…)


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