Zinnia garden – So much joy for just 5 packs of seeds…

August 15th, 2020 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllow fellow basset hound and Zinnia lovers.  I had no clue howl much I love Zinnias until I was visiting a friend’s home last summer.  Back when life was carefree and nice folks visited for a spell and talked about flowers…Ahhhhh – the lazy carefree days of summer.  So, I made a mental note to follow her careful instructions.  She said, “I had a few packs of seeds and my husband just opened them up and dumped them out in the front yard.”  OK, that sounds like my kind of gardening!!!

Grandma and I made a *beeline to Lowes.  It was near the end of the summer so we were not going to plant them then but I wanted to make sure I did not forget about their glory so I bought 5 packs of the giant Zinnia seeds and tucked them away for 2020.

*The phrase derives from the behaviour of bees. When a forager bee finds a source of nectar it returns to the hive and communicates its location to the other bees, using a display called the Waggle Dance. The other bees are then able to fly directly to the source of the nectar, that is, ‘make a beeline’ for it.

I know I just posted this picture not too long ago.  Now I want to show you the Zinnias.  They are the grouping near the sidewalk with the semi circle of rocks around it.  That is 5 packs of Zinnias with some other old plant in the center.  I just kept it there.  It took about 4 weeks to get this much green.

In KY and maybe lots of places you never plant flowers or really anything til after Mother’s Day.  Grandma and I follow that rule pretty carefully.  Soooooo….

It’s Mother’s Day and true to form it is still chilly!

I missed my Mother’s day blog so – Happy Mother’s day to all of the residents of #bassethoundtown.  We had a lot of fun.  We have taken to calling the pandemic “the damn panic”.

So, back to the Zinnias – here we are at about week 6ish…

5 packs of joy…

Lookie we have a humming bird!  This one comes every day!!!

That was fun!  I never thought I would get to take a great picture of a hummingbird!

Now the Zinnias are getting even bigger…and more and more visitors.

Even the rare Grandma is sighted.  hahaha

This is in July – Gov Andy said we could go and visit Julian!  He is up at OSU getting ready to start Medical School.  OMGAWD!!!

This was taken a few days ago!  They are GIANT!!!

This was this morning!

You would not believe the wild life around them.  So far the insects have left them alone and for the love of DOG and all thing sacred the deer leave them alone!!!  Zinnias for life!!!

Daisy Lynn doing the Waggle Dance…

Here we have the Mayor watching her Mom cut some for the Grandma.

Whatcha think?

Who knew that 5 packs of seeds could bring so much joy to so many?  Crazy to think about it.  We love watching them grow and we have so many nice visitors.  Bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and lizards.  Our own little ecosystem.

More loving seeds later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB doing the rainbow waggle dance;)



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