Happy SUN Day my fellow residents…

September 29th, 2020 - 8:08 am KY Time

Tuesday, September the 29th, 2020. 

OK, I tried to post this blog on Sunday but the internet was so slow it kept timing out.  I personally think it is the Russians “meddling” again.  BTW, I detest the word meddling.  It’s like saying “The North Koreans are meddling with nuclear weapons.”  Meddling makes it sound like a crouchy mother in law always poking her nose in her kids business or telling the spouse howl to make potato salad;)  That would be meddling, not what the Russians do and anyone else that tries to blows up reality, (or the planet).  What a bunch of jerks.

So, let’s try this again!!!

Howllow fellow basset hound town residents and sunny day lovers. It has been so pretty the last few days but very dry.  I guess we are going through a drought.  We can do that standing on our heads considering what we have been through in 2020.

So, Daisy Lynn slept in this morning while I went out and watered…


It got the best of her and she has to come out and look at what is going on.  I made sure not to get the ladies room wet so her precious paw did not get damp.

We then spent the rest of the day volunteering for KYbassethoundrescue @ bassethoundtown.  There is always so much to keep us busy and always so many needy hounds wanting a couch of their own…with sun in their faces…;)

Now for a Tuesday weather update.  We got rain yesterday so there is hope for some fall colors.  We hope you have a great day and enjoy the fall weather…

More loving the sun in our faces later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB laying on sunny cloud couches…)



Howl low my friends howl low and happy FALL!!!

September 23rd, 2020 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllow Fellow Basset Hound and fall lovers.  I miss my fellow residents.  I hope you are having a wonderful entry way into fall.  I cannot believe that yesterday was the first day of my favorite season.  Things are getting a bit back to some sort of new normal.  Grandma and I went to one of our favorite spots to shop.  It is a wholesale place that has really good prices.  They have big cardboard boxes filled with pillows and sheets and more all around the place.

Well…I saw an items that looked like I had to have it.  I was reaching in the giant box…I just needed to reach a tiny bit further and you guessed it!  I fell in!!!  I cannot believe that Grandma did not take my picture.  We were laughing so hard that it hurt.  She was trying to pull me out and it was not working with the extra pandemic pounds I put on.

But…I got the coverlette for my office couch…It was the only one and by GAWD it was going to be mine!!!

5 bucks.  Yes, you heard me right…5 bucks…

Welcome to fall ya all!  If you must fall let it be in a big box of pillows and cheap coverlettes…

More soft falling later…Cat, Grandma, Daisy Lynn (falling asleep), (Chaps and Emma ATB laying on clouds covered in pretty rainbow coverlettes…)

I left my heart in San Francisco…

September 10th, 2020 - 8:08 pm KY Time

Howllow Fellow Basset Hound and hearts in San Francisco Lovers…

I am one of those.  I fell in love with San Francisco when I had just turned 13.  It was 1969.  I could write an entire lifetime on that trip of a lifetime.

I took this picture from the middle seat (a Coleman cooler) in our 1968 VW Camper, fondly referred to as

“The Cramper”.

I only have this picture to share right now because I am the keeper of the thousands of family slides.  I am in the process of scanning them into my archives.

The bridge captured my heart from the get go.

This year, 2020 Grandma and I were all set to travel back to my bridge.  It would have been Grandma’s 90th birthday trip and another leg of the Lily Book Tour.

I posted this picture on my Lily Book Tour Facebook Page back on 12-4-19.  Wow, the glory of this picture is stunning.  The Gold, the Blue, the Moon the bay, the beauty.  I could not wait to capture my own next version of this Queen Bridge. I love that she is orange/gold.  Just like the Lily in the Lily book (orange).  Just like the heart of our very own Lily (gold).

“With graceful lines, Art Deco detailing and its emblematic color, the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the most famous and beautiful bridges in the world. With towers extending 746 feet into the sky and a span of 4,200 feet, the bridge is an engineering marvel that stretches across the mouth of San Francisco Bay in California. Opened to the public in 1937, it is best photographed from the surrounding Golden Gate National Recreation Area. 

With so many views to choose from, you can find your own unique way to capture the bridge’s beauty. Photo by Daniel Gallo, National Park Service.”

But capturing this Queen of Dreams was not to be, at least not this year.  2020 brought so much needless pain and suffering.

This picture was captured on 3-23-20 at the height of California’s Shelter in Place order.  It makes my bottom lip quiver and brings a tear to the eye…

“This kid needs help”…

Could it get any worse?

Yes, yes it can…

#bassethoundtown weeps for you our city by the bay and all of the regions that are now on fire.  It really hurts to see beauty burn.

“My love waits there in San Francisco
Above the blue and windy sea
When I come home to you, San Francisco
Your golden sun will shine for me”

More loving Golden Gates later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma, At The Golden Gate Bridge waiting…)

Zinnia garden – So much joy for just 5 packs of seeds…

August 15th, 2020 - 7:07 pm KY Time

Howllow fellow basset hound and Zinnia lovers.  I had no clue howl much I love Zinnias until I was visiting a friend’s home last summer.  Back when life was carefree and nice folks visited for a spell and talked about flowers…Ahhhhh – the lazy carefree days of summer.  So, I made a mental note to follow her careful instructions.  She said, “I had a few packs of seeds and my husband just opened them up and dumped them out in the front yard.”  OK, that sounds like my kind of gardening!!!

Grandma and I made a *beeline to Lowes.  It was near the end of the summer so we were not going to plant them then but I wanted to make sure I did not forget about their glory so I bought 5 packs of the giant Zinnia seeds and tucked them away for 2020.

*The phrase derives from the behaviour of bees. When a forager bee finds a source of nectar it returns to the hive and communicates its location to the other bees, using a display called the Waggle Dance. The other bees are then able to fly directly to the source of the nectar, that is, ‘make a beeline’ for it.

I know I just posted this picture not too long ago.  Now I want to show you the Zinnias.  They are the grouping near the sidewalk with the semi circle of rocks around it.  That is 5 packs of Zinnias with some other old plant in the center.  I just kept it there.  It took about 4 weeks to get this much green.

In KY and maybe lots of places you never plant flowers or really anything til after Mother’s Day.  Grandma and I follow that rule pretty carefully.  Soooooo….

It’s Mother’s Day and true to form it is still chilly!

I missed my Mother’s day blog so – Happy Mother’s day to all of the residents of #bassethoundtown.  We had a lot of fun.  We have taken to calling the pandemic “the damn panic”.

So, back to the Zinnias – here we are at about week 6ish…

5 packs of joy…

Lookie we have a humming bird!  This one comes every day!!!

That was fun!  I never thought I would get to take a great picture of a hummingbird!

Now the Zinnias are getting even bigger…and more and more visitors.

Even the rare Grandma is sighted.  hahaha

This is in July – Gov Andy said we could go and visit Julian!  He is up at OSU getting ready to start Medical School.  OMGAWD!!!

This was taken a few days ago!  They are GIANT!!!

This was this morning!

You would not believe the wild life around them.  So far the insects have left them alone and for the love of DOG and all thing sacred the deer leave them alone!!!  Zinnias for life!!!

Daisy Lynn doing the Waggle Dance…

Here we have the Mayor watching her Mom cut some for the Grandma.

Whatcha think?

Who knew that 5 packs of seeds could bring so much joy to so many?  Crazy to think about it.  We love watching them grow and we have so many nice visitors.  Bees, hummingbirds, butterflies, and lizards.  Our own little ecosystem.

More loving seeds later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB doing the rainbow waggle dance;)



Howllow Fellow #bassethoundtown residents!!! It’s me, the Mayor’s Mommy!!!

August 9th, 2020 - 1:01 pm KY Time

Howllow Fellow Basset Hound and wondering if we are all OK in #bassethoundtown.  Yes, yes we are.  Whew – ya never know now a days with the Covid 19 and the horrible way this has all been handled.  What a debacle.  What kills me is that close people I have trusted and respected for decades have fallen down a rabbit hole.  Makes me very sad and almost weepy.  But forge on we do.  Forging a new direction with new ideas and in some cases much enlightenment and less people.  One last thing on this mini rant – I wish the critical Father in the ICU with Covid19 some of that enlightenment.  His kid traveled to Florida with a large party group and contacted the virus.  He brought it home and gave it to both of his parents who blessed his travels.  Wonder if that kid thinks it was worth it?  Enlightenment vs entitlement???  That is the question.  Who has the answer?

Forging on…My blogging system was acting up, so if you were wondering that is why I have been away for a little bit.  I am back now with tons of notes all typed up but they are mostly old news now.

What is not old news is our very own Daisy Lynn turned 8 and as promised I have some really fun stuff to share with the residents about her.  What a blessing she is.


Maybe a little bit – Teeehehehehe…

More loving being back in full force forging forward forever…Cat, Daisy Lynn (Chaps and Emma ATB sending rainbow healing energy to all who want it!)

PS – Reported by Axios today…Sunday August the 9th…

As the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the U.S. surpassed five million today, former FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb warned that the death toll will “definitely” be between 200,000 and 300,000 by the end of the year.

The big picture: The U.S. has the highest coronavirus death toll in the world with over 160,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. Brazil has the second-most deaths with just over 100,000.



I can’t do a thing with my hair!!!

July 6th, 2020 - 8:08 am KY Time

Howllow Fellow Basset Hound and long hair lovers.  It has been kinda fun seeing everyone without going to the beauty salon to visit their beauty operator!  Remember when people used to use those terms?  Yeah…not feeling the beauty salon yet.  I typically go to great clips but I am going to wait awhile.  Too many folks are not following the guidelines of wearing a mask or when some are made to do so by their employers they seem so angry.  I do not want an angry person with scissors near my head.

I will just go with the long hair flow for now…

“I just can’t do a thing with my hair!” 

OMDOG…have you ever seen someone so beautiful long flowing ears?

Embrace the change…

More loving long hair later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB with fluffy butts not waiting in line for their beauty operators…)

Happy Father’s Day from #bassethoundtown

June 21st, 2020 - 9:09 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and Dad Lovers…We are certainly one of those in #bassethoundtown.  Oh, howl I miss my Dad.  He is still here and we have big talks everyday.  He adored #bassethoundtown and all of the hounds that have graced and are gracing it’s presence now.  He always called it the dog house.  Everything we did to enhance and change it’s function or look was for the bassets.  Dad was so attached to Chaps.  He called him the “delicate soul”.


I am going out of order here in past events and days.  I am going to brag on my birthday which was June the 15th soon.  I turned 63 and received one of the best gifts in my life from my BFF.  Can’t wait to show the residents.


One Father’s Day long ago Dad received a huge wrought iron planter for Father’s Day.  This year as every year Grandma and I plant it in his honor.

Sitting in the same spot it has sat in for over a decade.

Here you can see some of our Daisies in full bloom and the prettiest one in the window!  Teehehehehe

Also, that little rock edging contains 4 packets of Zinnia seeds that Grandma and I threw out the day after Mother’s day.  They are doing great so far.  We did not follow the directions at all.  We just opened the packets and scattered.  A friend of mine told me that the deer leave them along.  WHAAAAAAAT???  OK – sounds great to me since we have a Mom and her 2 babies living across the street.

This one shows the flower boxes up at Grandmas.  Also, I bought these really cool lights that look like gas lights.  They flicker and glow.  They are so sooooooo cool.  Just beautiful with Dad’s planter.


OK, one more to show you the little hound topiary we bought that sits on our bench.  OMDOG I love it so much.  The lights are on a timer.  Just sooooo cute and I think she might be scaring off the hungry deer.  Grandma named her Lynn Lynn.

It’s Father’s Day, It’s Sunday, It’s Summer, and it’s moving forward.

More loving Dad later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps aka delicate soul and Emma ATB with Grandpa)


April 22nd, 2020 – Day 37, stay at home thru day 39, 2020 (the end of the 30s) – stay at home notes – I bet the anticipation is killing you! Probably should not use the words “killing you”…

May 24th, 2020 - 9:09 am KY Time

Howllo Fellow Basset Hound and the end of the 30s lock down notes lovers…This is going to be sooooooo much fun!!!

Wednesday April 22 – Day 37

Started off the day making cheese sauce, jalapeno and cheese bagels, and received my monthly cheese shipment.

I then went to read the news and saw this VOX headline…

“French told to eat more cheese as pandemic causes sales to plunge 60%” – Vox

This Headline is frightening.

Can Headlines get any worse?
Thursday April 23 – Day 38
Yes, yes they can…
“Instead of the coronavirus, the hunger will kill us”.  A Global Food Crises Looms…
New York Times
“Fever reading drones to patrol beaches”.  Daytona Herald


I used the cheese sauce I made yesterday for my Pandemic Hot Browns!!!  Don’t worry France – We are doing our part in #bassethoundtown…Also, so far the hunger is not killing us in #bassethoundtown.

Ahhhhhhh….This is so cute!  I was searching for something on google basset hound related and ran across this picture on Tumbler.  LQQK – its our late Mayor…Chaps Wayne Rudert!!!  People use our images all the time all over the World Wide Web.

Himz don’t care about no fever drones…

Friday April 24, Day 39

When your Mom says you stink, you really stink!  We loaded up Daisy Lynn today for her routine monthly Pampering beauty appointment at her Vet.  They came out and got her.  I hated seeing her led away from us but it was only for about 15 minutes. Bless her heart.  Poor thing hates baths so much that I have to have a medical professional do it.  Pretty sure they did not need any PPE 😉

This picture is from a previous bath day cause I was too nervous to take one as I was loading her back up, my mask was slipping and my debt card was going to be touched by a most likely infected hand –  it’s all just so crazy.  Anyway – herz was mad at her Mom and Grandma…

I drenched my debt card in hand sanitizer and off we went…

We all decided that we needed a pick me up!!!  Off to Pompillios Italian Restaurant we go for MEATABALLAS (extra cheese please)!!!

On a side note and totally irrelevant but here goes…I can NEVER spell the word restaurant.  I have looked it up a million times and tried to learn it but my mind won’t let me.  What is it with that word?  So, I began to wonder what it even means…Do you know?

France, aka eat more cheese…
The word ‘Restaurant‘ derives from the French verb restaurer, meaning to restore. It was first used in France in the 16th century, to describe the thick and cheap soups sold by street vendors that were advertised to restore your health.
That is really cool.  Live and learn.  Wonder if they made these restorative soups from Cheese?  But for now MEATABALLAS!!!
OK, This restorative establishment has a claim to fame.  The toothpick scene from Rain Man was filmed here.  Yes, that is true!
In fact lots of scenes from Rain Man were filmed in and around this area of Northern KY.
So next the key to getting our MEATABALLAS  is dodging the PIT BULLAS – Geezus, if the carona don’t get ya the pit bulls might in this neighborhood.  Also, why are these pit bulls never fixed?  You see these giant block head fighting dogs from behind and it makes you want to puke and almost lose your appetite…almost.  Someone needs to grab the owner by the neck and do a Tom Cruise (serious injury) on them.  Rain Man is about a zillion times smarter than the skinny little men (I am being nice) with these bleepin’ pits.  They are all walking the streets because the tattoo parlors are shut down.
What a day – Pamper the pooch, Pit Bull Panic, Pancakes, Pompillios and 246 tooth Picks on the floor, oh and the Pandemic.

Iconic scene filmed at the St. Annes convent right down the road…
OK, more loving you dear residents and to be continued later…Cat, Grandma, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB laying on Pecorino Romano Cheese clouds…doing their part for France)…
PS – Who moved my cheese?

Governor Andy Beshear is slowly turning us loose…Day 60 stay at home order…

May 15th, 2020 - 7:07 am KY Time

Howllow Fellow Basset Hound and Day 60 in quarantine lovers.  Yes, I have jumped and skipped over to today, Friday May the 15th.  Day 60.  I am going to back track to a few pandemic highlights/lowlights in some upcoming blog posts but for now I must venture (if only in my mind) to being let loose.

I for one would feel much more comfortable if I could order this from Amazon.

The bubble would have to be more of an oblong shape for Daisy Lynn.

“They see me rollin’. They Hatin.”

More loving and rapping (“halla to yourself”) later…Cat, Daisy Lynn, (Chaps and Emma ATB in rainbow bubbles floatin’)…


Day 36 – Stay at home order #bassethoundtown

May 11th, 2020 - 10:10 pm KY Time

Howllow Fellow Basset Hound and fellow stay at home lovers.  This is going to be a short post!  hahaha

Today is Day 36 and the date is April 21st, 2020.  Our Lilac bushes in the back are in full bloom and absolutely stunning.  Daisy Lynn and I went out to take a look and clip off some blooms for Grandma.  Of course, as per usual, it was hard to get a shot of Daisy without her moving.  There is just something about the camera that she does not like.  So, this is the only picture I could get.

Daisy Lynn looks good even blurry.

Then I got a text from my BFF and she said she was walking near #bassethoundtown so I told her swing buy for a socially distancing visit. We visit over the ladies room fence.  What a hoot!  It was so much fun.  Daisy Lynn and I both loved seeing her again.  We love our BFF and cannot wait to get her into #bassethoundtown for a pizza party.

More loving looking forward…Cat, Grandma, Daisy Lynn (Chaps and Emma ATB eating rainbow pizza)

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